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Horse Heroes

No description

Tori Summy

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Horse Heroes

Horse Heroes
True Stories of Amazing Horses
by Kate Petty

Turn and Talk
Talk with your groups about these questions. Captains, raise your hand when your group is ready to share your answers.

-How did people use horses in the past?
-How do people use horses today?
Let's Build Background Knowledge
Turn to page 262-263 in your Reading Street books.

This story is expository text. It tells about real people, things, or events. It could also be called non-fiction.

What purpose could we have for reading a book called "Horse Heroes?" What kinds of things do you think we're going to learn about?
Fact and Opinion
As we read "Horse Heroes," we are going to focus on Fact and Opinion.

Facts are statements that can be proven.
Opinions are statements that reflect someone's personal beliefs or feelings.

Let's try some together!
Fact or Opinion?
Miss Summy has two sisters.

Taylor's shoes are really pretty.
Fact Or Opinion?
The first one is a fact, because Miss Summy does have two sisters. It can be proven by looking at a family tree.

The second is an opinion, because althought Taylor and I might think her shoes are really pretty, someone else might not like them. It can't be proven, and it is debateable, so it is
an opinion.
Let's Read the Story!
We're going to read pages 264- 267 out loud. I'll start, and then I'll call on someone to read next.

If you don't want to read, you may pass.
Now that we've read...
Take a look at the worksheet I've given you.
We'll do the first one together.
Ending Question:
We learned about the dangerous conditioners Pony Express Riders went through to deliver mail - Does this remind you of how mail is delivered today?
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