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Mario Bendetti

No description

me you

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Mario Bendetti

corazon coraza Mario Benedetti Porque te tengo y no
porque te pienso
porque la noche está de ojos abiertos
porque la noche pasa y digo amor porque has venido a recoger tu imagen
y eres mejor que todas tus imágenes
porque eres linda desde el pie hasta el alma porque eres buena desde el alma a mí
porque te escondes dulce en el orgullo
pequeña y dulce
corazón coraza porque tú siempre existes dondequiera
pero existes mejor donde te quiero
porque tu boca es sangre
y tienes frío porque eres mía
porque no eres mía
porque te miro y muero
y peor que muero
si no te miro amor
si no te miro tengo que amarte amor
tengo que amarte
aunque esta herida duela como dos aunque te busque y no te encuentre
y aunque
la noche pase y yo te tenga
y no. Because I have you and not
Because I think of you
Because the night has open eyes
Because the night passes and I give you love Because you come to collect your imagination
And it is the best of all the imaginations
Because it is the free from the feet to your soul Because it is good for me to be near your soul
Because you hide sweetness in vanity
Small and sweet
Shield heart Because you are mine
Because you are not mine
Because I see you and die
And the worst that I die
If you don’t see love
If you don’t see Because you always exist wherever
But you exist best where you like
Because your mouth is blood
And you are cold I have to love you love
I have to love you
Although the wound hurts like two Although you look but don’t find
And although
The night passes and I will have you
And not porque eres buena desde el alma a mí
aunque esta herida duela como dos These Sentences were the hardest to translate because the english translation of them made perfect senselessness. Becuase of this I had to infer the meaning from the spanish even more than the enlgish translation Porque te tengo y no
la noche pase y yo te tenga
y no These Sentences were my favorite because they were very poetic and beautiful and although I dont love poetry I appreciate the beauty in these sentences and the idea of a person who inspired these sentances.
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