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No description

arman dunn

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of soccer

career field A soccer player on a rectangular feild with net goals at either end in which two teams of 11 players each try to drive a ball into the others goal by kicking, heading, or using any part of the body except arms and hands. duties and responsibilities proffesional soccer players need to have good teamwork, good sportsmanship, eat right to stay in shape. work enviorment soccer players are in an enviroment that will
enable dedicated soccer players to work hard
in developing and refining their soccer skills education & training soccer players need to attend soccer camps or attend academies such as beckham academy to become a good player or be noticed by playing en el barrio s$alary the starting salary for soccer players is $27,000 a year and the maximum that a player can earn is currently lionel messi for 33 million dollars a year career outlook as long as people like and watch soccer is always going to be around
age is a factor
injuries are also factors
the role and position that you play is a factor people I know BY: Arman Dunn
Luis Verlarde
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