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Applied ICT Unit 2

Progress Blinds

Steven Ord

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Applied ICT Unit 2

ICT Applied
By Steven, Adam & Dale Task 1 In this task students need to do a variety of sub - tasks to ensure task one had been completed. Some of these sub tasks were: In this task, students need to make a diagram to show how information moves when a customer makes an order to Progress Blinds.

What information the diagram should show:
• Who sends the information
• Who receives the information
• The types of information communicated
• The method by which it is communicated. Task 2 Task 3 Describe the job functions / departments in Progress Blinds. Describe the roles of the personnel in Progress Blinds. Identify the different types of customers and suppliers to Progress Blinds and describe how they interact with company personnel. Describe the main processes carried out by Progress Blinds, including the inputs, the processing, the calculations and the outputs involved Describe the ICT systems used in Progress Blinds Explain the future improvements suggested by the directors of Progress Blinds and evaluate their impact. Explain how this increased use of ICT at Progress Blinds will impact on working practices and methods of production. In this task Students need to make a report to the Managing Director of Progress Blinds showing how the company sticks to the rules of the Data Protection Act of 1998. In the report students are limited to 500 words and we were awarded marks for the quality of their answers. The exam is completely based around Progress Blinds and the departments within it, some of the questions will consist of what a certain department does, how they use ICT systems and how an order is made in Progress Blinds. This unit offers students to have a better understanding to how organisations are structured, what is used within an organisation to make it successful and also how information comes into Progress Blinds and what happens to it. Organisational Structure:
Managing Director
Operations Director
Production Manager
Production Staff
Warehouse Manager
Warehouse Staff
Distribution Staff
Finance & Administration Director
Accounts Manager
Accounts Clerks
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Assistants
Office Manager
General Administration Staff
Sales & Marketing Director
Marketing Assistants
Order-processing Clerk
Branch Manager
Administration Assistants What This Unit Offers You The Exam The Structure Used By Progress Blinds:
Hierarchical Structure Hierarchical structure would benefit Progress Blinds
greatly as this structure favors larger businesses as it
has a large chain of command and has lots of different job roles within the structure. There are advantages to this structure, some of these being that people know who is in charge in the business and who has the most control. In their most simplistic form, the charts follow the simple formula, shown previously, which makes the charts look similar to this example: Administration Assistant (Sender) Telephone (Method) Appointment (Information) Customer (Receiver) Job Functions Within Progress Blinds: Accounts & Finance,
Research & Development,
Human Resources,
I.C.T. Services,
Administration. Legislation Acts: Electronic Communication Act of 2000: Data Protection Act of 1998: Computer Misuse Act of 1990: Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974: Copyright, Designs & Patents Act of 1988: European Health & Safety Directives: The main purpose of the legislation is to help build confidence in electronic commerce and the technology underlying it by providing for an approvals scheme for businesses and other organisations providing cryptography support services, such as electronic services and confidentiality services. Data protection laws exist to strike a balance between the rights of individuals to privacy and the ability of organisations to use data for the purposes of their business. The Data Protection Act 1984 introduced basic rules of registration for users of data and rights of access to that data for the individuals to which it related. The Computer Misuse Act of 1990 is a law that makes certain activities, such as hacking into other people's systems, misusing software or helping a person obtain access to protect files of someone else's computer illegal. The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 is the primary piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety in the United Kingdom. The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for enforcing the Act and a number of other Acts and Statutory Instruments relevant to the working environment. The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, is the current UK copyright law. It gives the creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works the right to control the ways in which their material may be used. The rights cover: Broadcast and public performance, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to the public. In many cases, the creator will also have the right to be identified as the author and to object to distortions of his work. A directive is a legal act provided for in the European Treaty. It is binding in its entirety and obliges Member States to transpose it into national law within the set deadline. A directive enters into force once it is published in the Official Journal of Europe. Managing Director This is the person who has full control over the business and is in charge of everyone that works under him/her. Operations Operations Director Administration assistants This person is in charge of warehousing, production and distribution. They are the second-in-command division, which is equal to the Finance & Administration Director & the Sales and Marketing Director. Production Manager The Administration Assistants produce and send out all of the correspondence from the showroom. They also produce conformation purchase orders for goods and service, including those for external contractors. They check all invoices received against copies of these purchase orders before passing the invoices to the head office for payment. The Production Manager deals with planning and is in command of the overall manufacturing process. The Production Manager telephones the related Branch Manager with the date when the blind or blinds will be completed. Salespeople Production Staff The Salespeople are the employees that interact with customers in the showroom. They encourage the customers to buy made-to-measure blinds and this involves face-to-face communication with the customers. The Production Staff work directly under the Production Manager. They specialise in producing the blinds in order for sales to customers. Branch Manager Warehouse Manager The Warehouse Manager checks the availability of the materials, trims and fitting.

The Warehouse Staff & The Distribution Staff work under the Warehouse Manager. The Branch Manager is responsible for maintaining the display of sample blinds in the showroom and the stocks of ready made blinds. Order Processing Clerk An Order Processing Clerk uses a data entry form to enter the details of the order into the SOP software. Marketing Assistants One of the main duties of the Marketing Assistant's role is to advertise the company. They help produce glossy brochures to display the companies products. Sales and Marketing Director The Sales and Marketing Manager visits trade fairs to check out the latest trends. They decide on what materials will be discounted and which will be added and then sell the products to the customers of Progress Blinds. General Administration Staff Office Manager Finance & Administration Director The Finance and administration Director is responsible for accounts, human resources and general administration. Office management is the administrative handling, controlling and maintaining a balance process of work inside the office of an organization whether big or small company/business, which is necessary to achieve the best service it can provide to the people who will receive a great benefit. Accounts Manager Human Resources Assistants The Accounts Manager is responsible for day-to-day management of a particular customer's account with Progress Blinds. The Account Manager is a point of contract, and provides customer support, upselling, technical assistance and general relationship management. These are the people that put the businesses employees through training to get employees the skills needed for the job, they work under the Human Resources Manager. Human Resources Manager Accounts Clerk The Accounts Clerk performs a combination of calculating, posting, and verifying duties to obtain financial data for use in maintaining accounting records: Compiles and sorts documents, such as invoices and checks, substantiating business transactions. Job Descriptions These are the people that are in charge of the Human Resources Assistants, they make sure that their assistants are doing their job and also that the businesses employees are getting the best training possible. The duties of these staff are:
Receptionist Duties
Oversee Database Management
Distribute incoming mail and get outgoing mail ready
Update mailing lists ICT Systems in Progress Blinds Task 2 Customer (Final Decision - Face to Face) Salesperson
Salesperson (Quotation - By Hand) Customer
Administration Assistants(Appointment List - By Hand) Salesperson
Salesperson(Final Quotation - Email) Administration Assistants
Administration Assistants (Appointment Details - Telephone) Customer
Customer (Quotation - Mail) Administration Assistants
Administration Assistants - (Estimated Time - Telephone) External Contractor Hardware Software Input Processing Unit 1.6 Output Head Office Computer Aided Manufacture -
The use of computer software to control machines, usually to make products, Progress Blinds would use this to make blinds to specific measurements. Showroom Warehouse PC - Local Area Network
Localised Network Laser Printer Networked Standard Office Software General Administration Unit 1.7 Tablet Computer - Includes Bespoke Graphics Pack
Networked Laser Printer Bespoke Graphics Pack
Diary Software Shows Products to the customers Standalone Computer
Barcode Reader
Computer with localised Network Laser Printer For this task, students need to explain how the increased usage of ICT at Progress Binds is impacting methods of production. Some of the answers including how it will cost them lots of money to get computers and other equipment & also the advantages including how employees can work from home. Stock Database Product Number Processes the raw materials The Warehouse supplies Progress Blinds Account & Finance Sales Distribution Marketing Research & Development Human Resources Design Production I.C.T Services Administration Accounting is the assignment of collecting lots of financial information. Finance is undertaking the task of managing the financial information. The Human Resources department handle all the recruitment, training, health and safety and pay negotiations with unions/workers within Progress Blinds. The Production department makes sure that the production plans are met on time and products of the right quality are produced for/from Progress Blinds. The Sales department's function deals with all aspects of selling to customers; the marketing function carries out marketing research, organises advertising and product promotion in Progress Blinds. This is a department within a business that deals with the running of a business or an organisation. This mainly revolves around management. The Distribution department is charged with the responsibility of receiving items that are ordered from vendors and directing those orders to the proper department within Progress Blinds. The Marketing department of a commercial organization that deals with the marketing of products within Progress Blinds. These are a very important part of a business as this department, within progress blinds will deal with things such as online orders and keeping the orders on a back-up hard drive to comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998. This particular department's duty is to work directly towards innovation, introduction and the improvement of products and processes in Progress Blinds. This is the way something's appearance is created. In Progress Blinds, this would be mainly be seen as the way a customer would want their blinds to look and the certain measurements that need to be used.
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