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Lots of Art

No description

Nick Barba

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of Lots of Art

Appeal to the Detroit city council for funding for the creation of a city- improvement-based graffiti park
5.3 million children in America live in poverty today

4,028 juveniles are arrested each day
Purchasing a lot
Lots of Art
City Beautification
Old/abandoned buildings
Planting gardens and reducing blight
Repairing broken sidewalk
Safety and health
Community attachment and appreciation
Recycling Building Materials
Demolition Waste
Lumber, drywall, glass, shingles, etc
We would have to have a few paid employees that would be around $15 an hour.
We think that employees should be volunteers from around the community and we can get donations for materials
How does art benefit children
and teens?
Creative outlet
Improves other academic areas
Shows increase in math and verbal SAT scores
Teaches kids to be inventive
3 times more likely to win a school attendance award
8 times more likely to receive a community service award
4 times more likely to be on the honor roll
Reducing Childhood Crime
Why encourage graffiti?
Success of Urban Art Parks
- Graffiti and street art can increase appeal of certain areas
- Washington D.C Art Park's success
- Project for Public Spaces: prevents graffiti vandalism on public property

Project Manager: Nick

Architect: Ann Marie, Ike

Construction: Josh, Jared, Razvan

Public Relations: Josie, McKenzie, Alexis

Graphic Design: Danielle, Grace

Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2014 Fact Sheet.
Environmental Protection Agency, Nov. 2016.

“Child Poverty.” The State of America's Children 2014 - Child Poverty,

“Community Beautification Lifts Spirits, Property Values.” Useful
Community Development.

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Development Institute, 16 Sept. 2011.

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HowStuffWorks, 4 Jan. 2011.

Phillips, John. “California: How I Started Rancho Cielo to Keep Kids
Out of Prison.” Time, Time, 11 Aug. 2015.

Pipkin, Whitney. "Making graffiti a 'gift' to the community: park
program teaches teens how to legally participate in graffiti art." Parks & Recreation, Aug. 2013, p. 38+.
Getting kids involved in communities allows them new outlets to express themselves freely.

This will produce great ways to help kids find mentors, stay busy, and interact with the community
Reducing Childhood Crime
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