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brianna, Meghan, Yulia, James

brianna Pinard

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Spiritism

Beliefs Rituals Spiritism Brianna
James Place Of Origin/Timeframe U.S. researcher Andrew Jackson Davis is considered the founder of spiritism. In 1843 things changed dramatically. When Davis was 17 years old he met a levingstone, a hypnotist. The Levingsyone discovered he was an amazing medium and Davis and him toured the U.S.
Some believe that Allan Kardec re-established spiritism in the 19th century, however, others accredit him to be the founder. Founder Spiritism is having the general belief of having a spirit after death, and that those spirits could communicate with the living. It also known to be witchcraft. Spiritism is based on about five books written by a French educator named Hypolite Léon Denizard Rivail. This religion is practised all over the world including Spain, Canada, Japan, Germany, France and England which has many followers of Spiritism. The timeframe of Spiritism is 1843 to the present day. Most people say that a ritual of spiritism would be known as a ouija board to contact the dead. It is a way for people of spiritism to contact loved ones, but does not always work if there is no spirit around. An interesting fact about this is to not use a ouija board at 3 o'clock in the morning due to the fact that it is the devils hour. You need to have an open mind for it to work so you can have no negative thoughts about the board or no spirits will present themselves.
There are no specific rituals for spiritism only ones to contact a loved one or to ask for help from the other side. Contacting someone can be similar to praying but it involves candles and a shrine at all times.
A spiritual wedding ceremony could include:

•Parental blessing of the couple.
•Spiritual readings
•Anam chara (celebration of soul friends)
•Washing & Blessing of the Rings

•Spiritual asking and ring exchange ceremony.
•Handfasting ceremony - the act of Spiritual marriage.
•Setting in stone of your vows.
•Spiritual vows.
•The Blessing of The Hands.
•Special rituals such as the rose ceremony.
•Special Blessings.
•What you are comfortable with.
•All Legally required components. Rituals and Ceremonies Spiritist dont actually have a sacred text. They have normal books on how to create a ritual and how to do it and they also have books on what not to do. More like a rule book. For example your not allowed to call on a spirit between 3am and 6am, you are also not allowed to ask them to do something they are not comfortable with.
Spiritist dont actually have a holy day. They are more free spirited with doing a ritual or having a ceremony. Religous text and Holy days Key Beliefs Influence of Spiritism on our World Recently, within our world, society has begun to accept Spiritism as a common thing. Many individuals from Europe and the U.S. have even embraced Spiritism as a logical explanation of reality, in relation to themes such as transcendance and God and the afterlife. But still, there are very many individuals who are strongly against following Spiritism. The beliefs of Spiritism is similar to the beliefs of Christianity, Positivism, and Platonism. As we all know, the beliefs of Christianity are that they believe in God and that they're going to rise up to heaven after death. The beliefs of Positivism are mostly based on science and basically the idea of the unity of science. The beliefs of Platonism is that reality is noticeable and obvious but it's not understandable. History Spiritism first occurred in Hydesville
New York in the year of 1843. A couple named Bell was using the cottage and for the time being, they hired a maid named Lucretia Pulver. One day a peddler came by the house and brought with some merchandise that are useful for household chores. Lucretia purchased a kitchen knife from the peddler and instructed him to bring the knife to her father
s farm but the knife never got delivered. About a week later, Lucretia was at the house cleaning when she heard some strange noises and became very nervous. She went into the basement to check if anything was causing the noises when she tripped over a patch of freshly turned dirt. Mr. Bell explained that the dirt was dumped there to cover some rat holes. A while later, the Bell's moved out of the cottage and the Fox family moved in. Not too long after moving in, the same noises that Lucretia experienced began to occur. John Fox thought that the noises that his wife and kids were telling him about were just their imaginations. Until one night, one of his daughters, Kate, woke up screaming because she felt a cold hand touching her face. John then started a nightly ritual of walking all over the house inspecting everything, searching for squeaks and knocking on floorboards. One of his daughters, Kate, noticed that whenever her father knocked on the wall someone or something would knock back as if it was trying to communicate with them. Kate and her sister called had given the unseen presence 'Mr. Splitfoot' They began to clap their hands and seconds later the knocking imitated the sisters. Their parents cam to their room once they noticed it and started asking questions outloud such as their daughters ages. Each reply was right on. John called up all of the neighbors to come over and witness this. They all started to ask various questions which were all answered accurately. One neighbor named William Duesler decided to try to communicate with the one making the sounds in a more scientific way. He kept asking questions and figured out the number of knocks to which letter of the alphabet was being used. The realization came according to a group of witnesses that the presence of the house was the spirit of the peddler that came to the house to offer those household goods. He was murdered and robbed years before explaining to why Lucretia Pulver didn't receive that knife that she asked for. Wednesday 1st. Who wants to be a millionaire History MAIN SECOND THIRD WHEN WHERE WHAT RULES WHEN
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