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Saint Louis Armstrong Beach

No description

Monica Dewberry

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Saint Louis Armstrong Beach

Saint Louis Armstrong Beach
By Brenda Woods

Rising Actions
The climax of
Saint Louis Armstrong Beach
is when Saint hears a rescue helicopter searching for survivors. He tries to get its attention because Miz Moran is out of medicine, so he needs the helicopter to pick them up so she can get treatment. With no luck calling it, he falls asleep. He dreams he was in the Jazz Shack, a place where people could hang out and perform music. In the Shack is his grandfather, King Daddy Saint. He tells Saint to go to the Jazz Shack. When Saint wakes up, the pilot of the helicopter sees him and Miz Moran. It picks them up and takes them to the Superdome.
Resolution & conflicts
Saint had finally lived through the dangerous Hurricane Katrina. Saint, Shadow and Miz Moran had survived the hurricane by fleeing to Miz Moran's attic where the water could not reach them. Thankfully, Saint didn't get hurt during Katrina, one of the worst storms in American history. New Orleans was a disaster area, but Saint was lucky to be alive after the most devastating hurricane the city had ever seen. He was also lucky to be reunited with his family.

One person vs. person conflict is when Saint's friend and neighbor, Monalisa, drank alcohol with her friends. Saint went over to say hi and saw them drinking. He told Monalisa's mother. Monalisa was furious, and she and Saint had a fight.
Another person vs. person conflict was when Saint's crush, Jupi, palm read his hand and told him he had a short life span. Saint got mad, and they argued.
One person vs. self conflict was when Miz Moran needed her medicine for her diabetes, but it was downstairs which had flooded. Saint argued with himself about whether or not to risk his life to get it.
One person vs. nature conflict was when Saint got trapped in the hurricane. He struggles to stay alive during one of the greatest forces of nature.
I read a lot of good books this summer, but undoubtedly the best was
Saint Louis Armstrong Beach
. The book is about a boy named Saint Beach who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2005, Saint and the neighborhood stray dog, Shadow, get trapped in Hurricane Katrina, a type five hurricane, which is the worst there is. Saint, Shadow and their neighbor, Miz Moran, flee to her attic where they have to live through the high winds and rising water. The storm strands them in the attic and they have to wait to be rescued. This truly is a great book.
Saint and his parents hear on T.V. that Katrina is a type 5 hurricane.
As the hurricane is about to strike, the mayor tells everyone to evacuate. As New Orleans evacuates, Saint's mom has to stay at the Superdome because she is a nurse and has patients.
As Saint waits outside the Superdome for his mom and dad, Shadow, his neighborhood's stray dog, escapes from his grip and runs away. Saint's parents emerge from the building and tell him that he has to flee with his uncle.
As Saint, his uncle, his aunt, and his cousins are driving away from the city, they stop at a gas station for a bathroom break. Saint doesn't miss his chance and runs back to New Orleans to find Shadow.
Saint finds Shadow by his neighbor's house. His neighbor, Miz Moran refused to evacuate so she stayed at her house. They flee to her attic where she realizes she forgot her diabetes medicine. Saint has to wade through the flood to retrieve it from the kitchen.
Project by Ben Short
Falling Actions
When the helicopter picks up Saint, Shadow and Miz Moran, it takes them to the Superdome.
Saint does as his grandfather said in the dream, and runs through the water to the Jazz Shack. Inside, he finds some of his neighbors and friends.
Shadow escapes from Saint and dashes in the direction of the Superdome.
A few minutes later, Shadow comes back with Saint's parents.
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