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Browsing the IBM Collaboration Solutions Wikis

This presentation will take you on a tour of the wiki.

Jennifer Heins

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Browsing the IBM Collaboration Solutions Wikis

Welcome to the
IBM Collaboration Solutions Wikis There are four tabs to help organize the information. Log on to the wiki to edit, comment, or write new articles. You can also search the wiki using simple or advanced. Browse through the
categories and tags in
the wiki. Review popular articles and resources highlighted on the home page. Look through recently added and recently edited articles. Select Product Documentation to find the official IBM published documentation. Locate the version of the product you need. Easily link to the original version of the article that was published by IBM when the product released. Browse through the
table of contents and
select a topic to view. Print the article, share it
through email or social networks,
edit it, subscribe, or write a new article. Expand Versions to see how many changes have been made and by whom. IBM contributors have an
IBM icon next to their name. Select Learning Center to find tutorials, product demos, and videos. Select Media Gallery to browse all the videos and demos available. Select a video from the carousel to start it. Every page in the wiki has a footer with important links. Visit all the product wikis and find us on follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Find help and send us feedback on the wiki design. Select Community Articles to find articles written by customers, business partners, and IBM subject matter experts. See our other Prezi on User Profiles http://prezi.com/nyx3y1lfilnm/user-profiles-in-lotus-product-information-wikis/ Thank you for touring the
IBM Collaboration Solutions Wikis

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