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William Shakespeare is NOT a fraud!

10 reasons why William Shakespeare isn't a fraud. Includes dates and pictures!

Polly VanAusdall

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of William Shakespeare is NOT a fraud!

William Shakespeare's life is very uncertain because there was not a lot of records kept. The only things that are certain are things in church documents, legal documents, and playgoer's diaries. So if there is not a lot of evidence about his life then how are we sure he is a fraud? William Shakespeare:
Is he a fraud or not?

Well...i dont think so! John, Williams father was of the working class but he held higher positions as years passed. He soon made it to the highest position of elective office; high bailiff. This indicates that he was well educated so this must have had influenced Will in some way. It is believed that his father taught him a lot. William applied for a marriage license in November of 1582 to marry Anne Hathaway. If he had wasn't able to right then how could apply? I guess it was a pretty good application because they got married on November 30th. William was a well known actor in many plays. He was in a theater group called Lord Chamberlain's Men. He did not act in the big parts because he also wrote plays and acting in major roles caused time to be taken away from his writing. I think he could read pretty well if he acted in plays! Shakespeare sonnets were about himself, so he wrote them due to the fact how personal they were. Sonnets are said to be love poems but his were self-loathing and bitter. Some people even think that he was bisexual because of some of the things in these sonnets. Shakespeare's work was said to have some of the first English language words. The were 2,035 words not known before the work of Shakespeare came along. Some of these words were; critical, frugal, excellent,bloody, and even more. William Shakespeare could not have been illiterate if he came up with all these words! There is an Oxford Dictionary of Quotations that has Shakespeare's greatest quotes in it. He wrote close to one tenth of the most quotable quotes in it. This basically says, the guy was a genius and knew what he was doing with the English language. Shakespeare's tomb has some of his own words on it. It is a very powerful quote and sounds very much like the other works of Shakespeare. It's very bitter and self-loathing like everything else he writes. Just another reason on why he is not a fraud!! There is much more evidence that Shakespeare is not a fraud then there is that he is a fraud. Well that says it, SHAKESPEARE IS NOT A FRAUD!!! What more can be said?? There are said to many people who wrote Shakespeare stuff one of these men is Sir Francis Bacon. After years of studying his work it has been decided that he in fact did not write anything of Shakespeare's. His style of writing and Shakespeare's were two different things completely.
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