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civil war lesson plan

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olivia schoppe

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of civil war lesson plan

Civil War in Texas
Overview of the Civil War
Civil War in Texas
Texas joined the Confederacy in early of 1861
Although only about one in four Texas families owned slaves, support for secession was strong, with about three quarters of voters supporting secession
Although only a few battles were fought in the state, the effect of the war was widespread
Reconstruction in Texas
Battle of Palmito Ranch
Northern States had gradually abolished slavery while it remained legal in the Southern States
When President Abraham Lincoln was elected the Southerners were afraid that he would abolish slavery
Some southern states believed that they had the right to secede or break away from the United States which was also called the Union
In December 1860 South Carolina became the first state to secede and six other states followed
In February 1861 they formed the Confederate States of America
Residents of Texas had to pledge their loyalty to the United States, abolish slavery, and declare that secession from the union was illegal
Texans approved a new constitution in 1876, which severely limited the power of the governor.
May 12-13, 1865 also the last battle fought in the Civil War
Battle of Palmito was remarkable because it occurred after the Civil War had been concluded for over a month, and yet both sides fought passionately
The Confederates were holding onto the last hope of keeping their land, and the Federalists were holding onto their honor and fighting in the name of the united states
Won by confederates
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