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Fiona Broadie

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Before and after his accident. Phineas Gage Caring Caring Phineas Gage was thought to be healed after a while, but Dr. Harlow has private doubts. At times, Phineas is being nasty and unkind for no apparent reason:
"'The new Phineas is unreliable and, at times, downright nasty. He insults old workmates and friends.'" pg. 20 Thinker Phineas has always been a leader, a thinker. But when doing tests, Phineas appears to not think things through:
"Dr. Harlow gives Phineas a little test. The doctor offers Phineas $1,000 for the pocketful of pebbles that Phineas has collected walking along the Black River near town. Dr. Harlow knows that Phineas can add and subtract, yet Phineas angrily refuses." pg.19 Phineas has always been a communicator, but might his accident effect that? Maybe:
"Phineas is out of his sickbed...Phineas is roaming about Cavendish in the rain...rufusing nursing advice...ignoring doctors' orders" pg. 17 According to the book, Phineas job was blowing up big rocks, but it was also making sure his team was safe. Tamping iron By: Fiona Broadie and Will Carey After Accident: Fiona Before Accident: Will Dr. Harlow, Phineas's
doctor and caretaker. Has Phineas Gage turned mean? Communicator Knowlegeable Phineas Gage doesn't apply his knowledge. On page 67, this is shown!
"Normal subjects who play the game soon figure out that the C and D decks are better risks than A
and B..." pg.67 Risk-Taker This is one of the harder things
to know about Gage. When people like Gage
were tested by the Damasios:
"The decks are rigged...Phineases
keep playing A and B..." pg. 67
Other people are risk-takers because they play the risky cards . Phineas probably would do the same. Otherwise he would be blowing people up if he wasn't caring thinker Phineas Gage is a pretty good thinker. AAAAAHHHHH! Its too caring Too cute! His job sounds pretty easy. How hard could blowing up some big rocks be, right? Da da da daaaaaaaa WRONG!! His job was more than blowing up rocks. "He had to drill a perfect hole in the rock or else the blast would be wasted".Then his assistant would pour in the sand. That is no job for dummies. He must be a great thinker. Communicator Fiona's Reflection From the text:
I learned more about Phineas Gage's character and how it effects him and other people.

About the world:
I learned that little things can change a person greatly.

About myself:
I learned that there's a possibility of my character changing by a accident, like Phineas. Was Phineas a good communicator? It never really says, but you can use text clues to find out. This sort of goes back to the thinker slide, but he had a very difficult job. Luckily, Phineas and his partner were very skilled at the job. but to be good at the job, they had to be great communicators "They follow a strict routine. His assistant 'charges' each new hole by filling the bottom of with coarse-grained gunpowder"... pg.3 Knowledgeable TITLE SLIDE knowledgeable or not? Phineas had to be pretty knowledgeable, especially with the work that he did. He had to work with that tricky black powder. "All day Phineas must keep an eye on his drillers to make sure they are ahead"... pg.3 pg.3 "Black powder is ticklish stuff. when its damp, nothing will set it off. When its too dry or mixed the wrong way, anything will set it off." pg.3 and 5 Risk-taker But I dont want to do it! Phineas Gage? A risk-taker? Hmmmm? Phineas Gage was a big risk-taker.Especially considering that he was around the time he was, when they didnt have the technology that we have now. "Building a rairoad in 1848 is muscle work. There are no bulldozers or power shovels to open a way through Vermont's Green Mountains for the Rutland & Burlington Railroad" Reflection What did you learn about the text?I learned how much that blast really changed him. He was almost the exact opposite after. What did you learn about the world during the project? I learned that things are so much easier now than they were 154 years ago. This never would have happened if he were alive now. What did you learn about yourself during this project? I learned that I am good at scanning text to look for hidden info. Awwww. Over already. reflecting... Mommy! gfhjuytjy Mummy likes this!
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