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Moon Maiden- Story Analysis

plot, setting literary devices etc.

Gohn Lemon

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Moon Maiden- Story Analysis

Moon Maiden By: Alison Baird Plot Plot Kate decides to go to the moon Kate arrives at the moon She meets a mysterious lady there The moon maiden invites kate to take off her mask Kate meets Mr. Ramachandra Mr. Ramachandra tells her the story of the moon maiden She goes to confront the moon maiden The moon maiden invites her to take her mask and space suit off and go with her Plot Graph She goes back to Mr. Ramachandra He explains that her spirit could have originated from the moon, but become human on earth Conflict: There is a mysterious lady on the moon without a mask or a spacesuit and she invites Kate to take her mask and suit off and go with her, but if she does she'll die. Setting: The story Moon Maiden is set in the future on the surface of the moon and at the the Luna Base. Point of view: The story is told from a third person limited perspective . Atmosphere: The story has a mysterious and mystical atmosphere. Theme: Some of the themes in this story are spirituality, courage and the afterlife. Characters: - Matt Iwasaki
-Kate Iwasaki
-The moon maiden
-Mr. Ramachandra Literary Devices: Alliteration
Imagery Moon- Madness
When Matt and Kate argue before Kate actually goes to the moon.
The description of Mr. Ramachandra

She refuses the moon maiden and the maiden leaves her Kate goes back inside the moon base
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