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Introduction to Tellington TTouch Training Mebane, NC March 23-28, 2013

Tellington TTouch Training

Kathy Cascade

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Tellington TTouch Training Mebane, NC March 23-28, 2013

Intention A respectful, gentle method of working with animals using touch and movement to enhance physical and emotional balance. Help animals overcome fear or stress to feel safe, secure and confident.
Enhance well-being and support recovery from illness or injury.
Foster respectful communication and cooperation between people and animals. • TTouch offers positive solutions to common behavioural and health-related issues, including inappropriate aggression, car sickness, separation anxiety, excessive barking, chewing, jumping up and leash-pulling in dogs, resistance to grooming, nervousness, shyness, thunder phobia etc.

• The Tellington Method compliments any other type of training and can enhance performance in agility, showing, and other performance activities.

• Contributes to general well-being, and offers support of veterinary care.

• Deepens the bond and understanding between people and animals. How can Tellington TTouch help my animal? • Philosophy and principles of the Tellington Method, as developed by Linda Tellington-Jones.

• Physiology of stress and the relationship to behaviour.

• Observational skill building: posture, balance, conformation, gait, and interaction with the environment using objectivity.

• Skill building in the techniques of TTouch bodywork.

• Use of the TTouch Tools.

• Skill building in the Tellington TTouch Method of leading and groundwork.

• Application of the Tellington TTouch Method to specific behaviour issues.

• Application of the Tellington TTouch Method to other species, including cats, birds, small critters, and reptiles. What is covered in a TTouch Training for Companion Animals? Training For Companion Animals Learn to use the Tellington Method with a variety of species! Check out a video! Join us in Mebane, NC for a special week of Tellington TTouch Training and see why so many people are passionate about this method! For more information and a list of all upcoming trainings, click here... http://www.ttouch.com/animalAnnouncements.shtml
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