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SpringBoard ELA Level 1 Activity 3.24

No description

Anna Marie Garrett

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of SpringBoard ELA Level 1 Activity 3.24

And Finally Activity 3.24
Hector Zeroni Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr With your shoulder partner also discuss these questions and write your answers on the same piece of paper.
5) What is parallel structure?
6) What is a thesis statement?
7) Why is a thesis statement important?
8) What is the difference between a thesis statement and a topic sentence?
9) Why are topic sentences important?
EXTRA CREDIT OPTION: For 1 extra credit point each, copy/print the lyrics to a song, be sure to note the artist and the year it was released, then highlight the parallel structure that is there. Let's think about Zero... Writing Review 1) Read number 1 on p 262.
2) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate vivid adjectives.
3) Read "Grammar and Usage."
4) Read number 2 and then fill in the blanks with the appropriate vivid adjectives.
5) Read number 3.
6) Do a through e. 7) Read "Grammar and Usage on p 263.
8) Read number 4.
9) Write your rough draft of the introduction in the book.
10) Edit and write your final draft on a separate piece of paper. Beginning Character Analysis... Homework:
Read Chapters 48 - 50
Catch up your bookmark and your double-entry journal
Work on the Study Guide With your shoulder partner discuss the following questions and write your answers in complete sentences on a piece of paper.
1) While Stanley and Zero recover at God's Thumb, Zero opens up to Stanley. Explain his confession.
2) Zero tells Stanley about his childhood. Summarize Zero's memories.
3) Zero has strengths the others don't seem to notice or appreciate. What are the things that Zero does well?
4) How does Zero "save the day" in Chapter 43? How does he again save the day in Chapter 47?
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