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The Fault In Our Stars Timeline

No description

Dawson Lu

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The Fault In Our Stars Timeline

The Fault In Our Stars Timeline
Van Houten's letters
Hazel and Augustus are fan of the book "An Imperial Affliction" by Peter Van Houten. Hazel has written letters to him many times seeking to find out what happened to Anna in the book since the book ends mid-sentence but Van Houten never replies. Augustus finds a way to contact Van Houten and his assistant by e-mail and tells Hazel about this. Hazel sent him a letter asking him what happens to the people in the book however, Van Houten says that he will only tell her if she goes to Amsterdam.
The Picnic
Hazel wants to go to Amsterdam and meet Van Houten to find out what happens at the end off the book but she can't because her family doesn't have enough money. One day, Augustus comes to hazel's house, brings orange tulips, and wears a Rik Smits jacket. He invites her to a picnic at a park where there is a big sculpture called "Funky Bones." Augustus hands her a sandwich made of dutch cheese and starts explaining everything. Tulips are dutch, Rik Smits is dutch, the sculptor that made "Funky Bones," Joep Van Lieshout is dutch, he cheese in her sandwich is dutch and orange is the national color of the Netherlands. He wants to use his wish to take Hazel and himself to Amsterdam.
Fluids in the Lungs
In the early chapters of the book, Hazel keeps mentioning pain in her shoulders. Later, she woke up one morning and there was an overwhelming pain in her head. She thought it was cancer but it turns out it was just poor oxidization. A nurse told Hazel that a boy kept visiting her in the waiting room. Augustus gets another letter from Van Houten and when Hazel reads it, she wants to go there more then ever
The Support Group and Augustus
Hazel's parents makes her go to support group because she was depressed. She meets Augustus there where he says that she is beautiful and compares her to an actor in a movie. He then asks her to go to his house and watch the movie with him and she agrees. This was the first time they meet
The End
Chapters 1 - 2 Page 3 - 37
By Dawson Lu
Augustus's Death
Van Houten
Van Housten
Hazel's Eulogy
Chapter 5 Page 67 - 79
Chapter 5 Page 82 - 90
Chapter 7 Page 105 - 113
Eventually, Hazel gets permission to go to Amsterdam and goes. When they got there, Hazel and Augustus went to a restaurant called Oranjee. They ate and drank champagne that Van Houten paid. After they finished, Hazel asks Augustus about Caroline Manthers. We learn more about her like her personality, her history with Augustus, and how she died. She had brain cancer and died of that.
Chapter 11 Page 155 - 176
On the second day they arrived at Amsterdam, they went to meet Peter Van Houten so the could find out what happens in the book that he wrote. When they arrived, Van Houten was completly different from what they imagined. He was a rude, disrespectful drunk. Turns out Lidewij, his assistant, set it up without him fully knowing hoping that it would inspire him to give up drinking and write again. It failed however, and Hazel and Augustus along with Lidewij, that resigned from being Van Houten's Assistant, leaves him and goes to Anne Franks house. They learned about death and how Anne Frank is remembered but there were 4 Aron Franks that Almost nobody remembered. Augustus and Hazel kisses each other in Anne Frank's house and made love afterwards.
Chapter 12 Page 181 - 208
On their third day in Amsterdam, Augustus reveals that on the day Hazel was in ICU, he felt a ache in his hip. he took a PET scan and it turns that cancer had spread all over his body. When Hazel found out, she was very sad and heart-broken. There was no way to cure him and that his death was inevitable.
Augustus dies a few weeks after his trip to Amsterdam. His death hit Hazel really hard and Hazel becomes depressed and lonely. She loved Augustus and said that she wanted to talk to Augustus Waters about Augustus Water's death. On a scale of one to ten, she rated this pain a 10 that kept hitting her constantly.
Chapter 21 Page 261 - 267
Van Houten attends Augustus's funeral and tries to explain the ending of the book to her but she doesn't care about it right now. She kicks him out but he tries to explain it to her again and this time Hazel realizes why Van Houten wrote the book and why he was so mean to her and Augustus. Van Houten's daughter was the inspiration for the book and she died of cancer. When Van Houten saw Hazel, she resembled so much like his daughter that he couldn't handle it. Hazel feels bad for him and tells him to write a sequal to "An Imperial Affliction." He agrees and then leaves
Chapter 22-23 Page 271 - 277 and 283 - 287
When Hazel spends time with Issac, She learns that Augustus wrote the ending of "An Imperial Affliction" for her but never gave it to her. She looks through his house but finds nothing. When she is on the phone with Kaitlin, she realizes that he had sent a letter to Peter Van Houten. She asks Lidewij to help her find it and she did. It was actually a eulogy that Augustus wrote for her. The book ends with Hazel saying yes to one of the questions Augustus asked her on the Eulogy.
Chapters 23-25 Page 281 - 313
Chapter 13 Page 214 - 218
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