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Agile Presentation

No description

Jesse Gray

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Agile Presentation

Intro to Agile
Agile Topics
- What Agile is and is not
- Why we embrace Agile
- Popular Methodologies
- Adopting Agile into your work

What Agile is
Some of the brightest and most successful engineers in the industry got together to discuss and uncover better ways of developing software.

The results were deceptively simple.
What Agile isn't.
Business Focused
Why we embrace Agile
If Agile was Ice Cream, then Methodologies would be the different flavors.
Agile and Scrum are not interchangeable terms.

Scrum is a disciplined and proven method that software companies leverage to introduce and maintain Agile.

Since we're here, I can offer the following:
Four Values
Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan
Twelve Principles
Customer Focus
Embrace Change
Deliver Fast
Empower Workers
Crossfunctional Teams
Face to Face Conversation

Working Software
Sustainable Pace
Technical Excellence
Limit WIP
Trust Team Solutions
Actionable Reflection
We Value ALL of these things, but we value the items on the left more.
But, guess what...
... neither is our industry.
Knowing we will never be predictable, it's wise to invest in processes that can manage Chaos.
Software Delivery is Chaotic by nature, and that is a good thing.
Incremental deliveries reduce risk over time by increasing feedback and proving functionality.
Incremental deliveries can offset income risk by putting income generating features in your client's hands routinely.
Perfect planning requires perfect knowledge.
What happens when we introduce change?
Agile embraces change.
Adjust product to market demand.
Release as new features prove value.
Scrum is easy, changing to Scrum is hard.
Scrum is now working very well within Technology.
Scrum is not just for Technology.
Scrum is not the only way to be Agile.
How can we be Agile?
Start talking.
Emails, chats, texts, are great, but easy to ignore or de-prioritize.

When it comes to productivity, problems and opportunities deserve face to face interaction for both speed and understanding.
Start listening.
When your client said they wanted Blue last year, it was trendy. Today they want Orange.

What's more important, honoring a now outdated agreement or delivering what the client wants?

What needs to change in your business to accommodate client input into the product?
Embrace change.
Pluto isn't a planet anymore, and I'm learning to live with it.

Start now.
There is something out there your clients want, that's enough for you to build off of.

Arching plans and documentation still need to materialize, but those things are not stopping you from getting something valuable delivered now.
Whatever your process, whatever your plans, make sure that there is a way for change to be introduced as painlessly as possible.
Scrum is but one flavor of Agile.
Can't I just make my own Agile process?
- Yep.
Agile Unified Process
Feature Driven Development
Lean Software Development
Test Driven Development
And many more...
Can I iterate Scrum into something that better suits me and still call it Scrum?
- I can't recommend that.
Adopt a Methodology?
You don't have to do anything by the book, or even a particular book, but it might help the transition. There is value in learning from the mistakes and teachings of others.
Ask for help.
We have many Agile professionals that want to help make these products the best they can be.

The way we deliver software has changed quite a bit recently, and it will change even more as we continue.

Your departments stand to benefit in two ways. First by understanding and adjusting to the way Tech does business and secondly by improving your own processes and workflow.
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