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No description

Qiu Ling Ang

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of DPA

Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA) Michelle Neo Manager
Department of Corporate Communications What is DPA? Allow student with...
INTEREST in specific field of study
APTITUDE in applied learning
to join poly earlier Who is Eligible? GCE 'O‘ Level candidates in 2012

Singaporeans & PRs

International students currently in MOE Secondary schools
DPA Procedures Stage 1 Application Stage 2 Selection
Stage 3 Interview Stage 4 Offer and Acceptance 5-10 Jul 12 Jul-13 Aug Stage 5 Withdrawal from DPA 17 Aug-5 Oct Stage 6 SP JUMPSTART Programme
(7 weeks PPP) Feb 2013 Apply online (5 – 10 July)
www.polytechnic.edu.sg/DPA Apply online (5 – 10 July)
Select three courses in order of priority
Provide a short write-up Highlight passion, interest, competitions, prizes.....

Within 600 characters

Provide web address Examples of a short write-up Gaming is my hobby and would like to take this course. Check the Minimum Entry Requirements for the course

Assess your write-up Selection Interview Demonstrate Passion, Interest and Aptitude
Do your homework (check SP website)
Prepare portfolio (especially for design-related courses) Interview Preparation Know the Purpose of the Interview
Demonstrate your passion and aptitude – why you should be selected? Interview Preparation Know the Course that you have applied for
What do we teach?
What kind of career?
What are the further studies opportunities? Interview Preparation Portfolio - a flat, portable case for carrying loose papers, drawings, etc.
Certificates & Awards - competitions
Short Stories / Articles
School Newsletters
Testimonials (experience-related)
At the Interview Be punctual
Confidence, personality and communication skills also count
Present your ‘portfolio’
Successful Unsuccessful Check Online
(17 - 23 Aug) No email or letter notification Accept offer online (17 - 23 Aug) Do not be disheartened, you can still apply via:

Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE)
Joint Polytechnic Special Admissions Exercise (JPSAE)
Change of mind after acceptance.. Download withdrawal form from DPA website Submit completed form at respective polytechnic by 5 Oct (5pm) Still eligible to apply through the Joint Admission Exercise (JAE) 'O' Level result must meet: 'O' Level result do not meet requirement: Study hard for your 'O' Level after acceptance Minimum Entry Requirements (MER) to your DPA course Aggregate (ELR2B2) must be 26 pts or less Do not be disheartened, you can
still apply via
Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE)
Joint Polytechnic Special Admissions Exercise (JPSAE) Accessibility SP is located right in the heart of Singapore's educational belt and science and information technology hubs
Polytechnic Dover
MRT The First Polytechnic Established in 1954, SP stands proud as the FIRST polytechnic in Singapore http://www.sp.edu.sg/dpa Thank You We at SP wish you the very best in your coming exams 17-23 Aug REVOKED
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