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Presentation for English class

Lien Le

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of America!

a quick guide The plan: America, The Way Americans See It 315 million people, 98% immigrants
270 million guns
254 million cars
75 million dogs
600 elephants
50 states
48 real states because honestly, no one cares about Alaska or Hawaii
Canada America: The Basics What Everyone Knows (Or Thinks They Know) About America Part II: Stereotypes Part III: Talk "Amurican" Part IV: Visiting America Things to Keep in Mind: Palm Springs, CA: Presenting: Or, Why British People Hate Us Look outside the big cities (NYC, LA, Chicago)
Most Americans are really friendly
Only talk about politics in liberal states
Very few Americans speak German
Americans are slightly germophobic
Be on time!
Americans aren't as direct as Germans
"Please" and "thank you"
"You might want to consider"
"That's a great idea, but..."
"How are you?"
"I'll have to think about it..."
"I wish I could"
Everything is bigger in America
Asking for food "to go" is completely normal
Expect the "IT'S A FREE COUNTRY" attitude AMERICA America: A Completely Inadequate Summary

Stereotypes: True or False?

How to Talk Like a Real American

Things to Know When Visiting America Don't take any of this too seriously. She has a question. Ready? The key to understanding America: Regions. RED is Republican BLUE is Democratic Regions define politics: Population: DARKER red means more people LIGHTER red means less people THIS COLOR means corn Average income: WHITE is richest DARK RED is poorest And stereotypes: 1. A normal American is the size and shape of a medium whale. He weighs more. 2. Americans and the world: don't know, don't care. Sarah Palin 3. Americans are gun-crazy, nationalistic conservatives. 4. Americans are lazy. Some tips about the American language: "Get," "be," and "do" work for everything
When in doubt, mumble
"I guess..."
"That's sick!"
Learn a little Spanish
Spelling makes no sense, don't worry about it
"Okay" vs. "I'm okay"
Though, man up, shut up, freak out, big deal
All set? My America The South Rednecks, football, more Republicans, Texas, funny accents, obesity, the Confederacy, and PRAISE JESUS Lacrosse, prep schools, NYC, more liberals, the Ivy League, small states no one has ever heard of, and Ben & Jerry's New England West Coast Liberals, hippies, Mexicans, Asians, beaches, vegetarians, In N' Out Burger, and 24-hour everything Mountain West Skiing, cowboys, bears, Mormons, the Mojave desert, and Las Vegas Great Plains Corn, cold winters, corn, Republicans, small towns, corn, flatness, potatoes, and corn. Never, ever go here. High school basketball, terrible weather, closed factories, Chicago, the Great Lakes, and the big bag of awful known as Detroit The Midwest 5. American stereotypes of Germans: Always on time
Awesome cars
Difficult to get along with
World War II That's all! PPP/CBYX
Everything is paid for, except spending money
Can be done as a year of high school or as a gap year
I finished high school last year, deferred my place at university, and am going to start studying this fall instead Some details about the scholarship:
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