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#3 World Religions & Philosophies

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David Kays

on 23 July 2018

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Transcript of #3 World Religions & Philosophies

#3 World Religions & Philosophies
*3 main monotheistic religions -
Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Religions & Philosophies
of India
*humans are evil; harsh punishments
needed to preserve law and order
: belief in one god
Ten Commandments
: code of behavior
for Jews and Christians
5 Pillars
: Code of behavior for Muslims;
(pray 5x daily, fast, give charity,
witness, hajj to Mecca)

upon death, souls
are reborn into another body
until one is purified
: good/bad deeds throughout
one's life determines reincarnation
state for the next life
caste system
: social hierarchy
one is born into; static
Siddhartha Guatama
: (aka Buddha);
founder of Buddhism
*similar to Hinduism; both believe
in reincarnation & karma
: achieving perfect understanding;
reincarnation cycle ends; it is the goal of
Four Noble Truths
: All suffer, suffering caused by
desire, to get rid of suffering get rid of desire,
follow the
Eightfold Path
(code of behavior)
Philosophies of China
: good society is found by
following the example set by the ruler
5 Human Relationships:
roles & obligations in
society include= ruler/subject, husband/wife,
older/younger bro., parent/child, friend/friend
filial piety
: honor & respect due
elders and the family
Nature Religions
: living & non-living things in nature have a spirit
: Japanese religion
that regards the kami (spirits)
*typically found in Africa, rainforests,
Native Americans traditional faith
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