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Non-Profits in Italy

No description

Christal Montero

on 5 May 2017

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Transcript of Non-Profits in Italy

How to be considered an Onlus in Italy
social assistance
social health
health care
amateur sports
Italy's Regulations
Determine the purpose and activity of non-profit organization
Prepare memorandum and articles of association act
Go to the Tax Office for the registration of non-profit organization
Ask the association's membership anagrafe non-profit organization
My Research Methodology
Number of regulations
Time to complete each regulation
Cost of each regulation
How easy it is to find the regulations
How many are in English
The World Bank Methodology
Starting a business
Dealing with construction permits
Getting electricity
Registering property
Getting credit
Protecting minority investors
Paying taxes
Enforcing contracts
Resolving Insolvency
Labor Market Regulation
Selling to the government
Non-Profits in Italy
The World Bank
Ease of doing business index
Research methodology
My definition of "ease of doing business"
Ease of doing Business
By: Christal Montero
promotion and enhancement of things of artistic and historical interest
protection and enhancement of nature and the environment,
promotion of culture and art;
protection of civil rights;
scientific research of particular social interest
research institutions
How I found my research
Online websites
42 English websites
14 Italian Websites
Only found information on Italian websites
Google Translate
Regulation Difficulty
4 main regulations
All should have sub regulations
Not very time consuming
Seems low cost
Finding the information is difficult
Slightly difficult to complete regulations and time consuming
Medium ease of doing business
Harder than opening a for-profit
Suggestion: Get Lawyer
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