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Chris L

on 23 August 2018

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Transcript of Creation

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Creation- The divine act by which, according to various religious and philosophical traditions, the world was brought into existence.
The Catholic Church teaches that the world was created by God.

"We Believe in one God, the Father the Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth"
To understand how God could be the creator of the world, we must understand the attributes of God.

Attribute- A quality or characteristic of a person or thing.
The Attributes of God:
Omnipotent: All-Powerful
Omnipresent: Present Everywhere
Omniscient: All-knowing
And these are just a few...
Through these attributes we can understand that God created the world . We know this through Divine Revelation.

But is it reasonable?
Can We Reason that the World was Created?

We can reason that the world at some point had to have a beginning. We can understand this because there is still creation in the World.
Example: New Born Babies!
Because all life had a beginning, we can understand that there must have been something that was not created (In Motion), that created (moved) everything. We believe this is God.

Ex: The Unmoved Mover,

The Bible tells us why the World Was Created and by whom
Does the Church teach that what the bible tells us about creation is a word for word account of how the world was created?

No, This view is called Creationism.

The Church believes that the stories are divinely inspired, but are not a exact historical account.
We Believe that the message of the Creation Story in the Bible has a greater meaning than simply how it happened.

It shows us that through the Love of God the World was created

Man is the High point of Creation. Therefore man is loved the most!
Man is made in the "Image and Likeness of God"

This means the man is a Person with a rational Soul. No other creature are made this way.
There is no other reason for Creation than Love. "The world was made for the Glory of God"-Second Vatican Council

And of all the things created good man was created as the greatest.

"The Glory of God is man fully Alive; moreover, man's life is the vision of God.
The Details of the Creation Story:
Since this is not an exact telling of Creation, what other truths are we to find in the stories?

Through the symbol of the work week we can see how good, beautiful and wisely ordered creation is.
The Work of Six Days:
1. Everything that exist God called into being
2. Everything created is good in its own way
3. Something that has become bad, is good at its core.
4. Everything that God created is interrelated and interdependent
5. The order and harmony of Creation show God's beauty and goodness
6. The order is complex: Man is greater than animal, animal is greater than plant, etc.
And Finally,
7. "Creation is heading for a great celebration when Christ will bring the world home and God will be everything to everyone"

Since the fall of man we have waited for that moment.
We will not be talking about the fall of man this chapter, but it is important to know that all of creation was impacted by the fall. The created world is waiting to be complete again, when heaven and earth are one.
So that is what we can take from the creation stories, Now what are we supposed to believe about how the world was actually created?
The World was created but there are many theories on how this actually happened.

Examples: Theory of Evolution, Big Bang Theory, etc.

Can we believe in any of these? Do they prove Genesis wrong?
No they do not prove Genesis wrong.

We may even believe in these theories as long as they do not take away or deny the the creative power of God.
Example: Evolution

The Theory of Evolution does not deny that there was a purpose in creation. So a Catholic can believe in Evolution.

But if man says that there is no purpose to Evolution, this is not an acceptable explanation of how the world began
This is called the Heresy of Evolutionism

This view point is that of the Atheist. They do not believe in a creator so they try and prove the existence of God wrong through evolution. But Evolution cannot rule out the possibility of Creation
In Summary
-We understand creation through reason and revelation
-God Created the world out of Love
-Man is the Summit of Creation
-We can accept scientific theories, as they do not deny or use them to deny Creation
Since we can understand through reason and revelation that God created the world, what do we believe about the story of Creation in Genesis?
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