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BrickData Presentation

An exploration of the concept of cloud computing as a shift from an agricultural to a hunter-gatherer model of technology

Fabián Gonzalez

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of BrickData Presentation

Keeping all your files organized, accessible and backed up requires a server.
Most small businesses buy a small server. The traditional Approach Cloud Computing for
business Small is Expensive a typicall small business server costs $ 5.000 - $ 10.000 including the software, plus Maintenance
Upgrades All this yields a total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of around $ 100.oo per user Small is High - Risk Just One server is a high - risk strategy: Recovery time in event of hardware failure can be several days
"All your eggs in one basket". Small is Inflexible Server stuck in the office, where remote access is difficult and insecure. Small is Less Reliable Low-end servers lack the resilience of the higher-grade models used by big business Redundant disks
Redundant cooling
Redundant power supplies
Whole-server redundancy (clustering)
Failover on networking & Firewalls Enterprise-class systems have ENTER THE CLOUD Little or no CapEx cost
Big, reliable systems
Minimal Maintenance
No disaster recovery worries
Highly flexible access What is the Cloud ? The internet is a network of networks

You don't have to know what goes on in the cloud It's a traditional representation of the internet which can do the jobs used to do ! So what's changed? now the internet contains processing power and storage So..... You can buy software, storage and processing 'as a service '.

You only buy what you use.

you can connect to it from anywhere KEY COMPONENTS Virtualisation Software and Hardware divorced One virtual server can span several physical servers. One physical server can host many virtual servers. High Speed Internet Access to Online Systems fast enough for general office use Mobile Broadband provides acceptable speed everywhere High Speed Internet Access to Online Systems fast enough for general office use Mobile Broadband provides acceptable speed everywhere TIME TO BREAK FREE Freedom of Location Access all your applications - not just your e-mail - from anywhere. Freedom of Capability Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Users

Scale up or scale down rapidly with users and their requirements. Concerns & Objections Who's storing your data ?
Who can see it ?
Where is it located?
What about compliance? Data Security how easy is it to chance provider?

Is the software proprietary or can data be extracted in a useful form ?

How long does data extraction take ? Provider Independence Recoverability What if... Does the contract provide disaster recovery?

Does it give

Insurance? Full Description of disaster planning
Costs Flood? Acts of God? Host ceases trading? Data corruption? Malicious users? Flexibility Does a provider limit your choice of software?

Are there limits on the size to which you can grow?

Is there support for future forms of access - e.g.
smartphones, tablet computers ? Know your provider ! Get yourself the solution you need.

Take part in the planning

Get a technical demonstration for proof of concept.

Ask the questions.

Check the contact on the cloud OBJECTIVES Relieve customers of the burden of high capital expense for servers
Translate our small business attitude to hosted services
Provide familiar Microsoft software in a hosted environment
Improve customers' data protection & disaster recovery
Streamline support and maintenance Better than Cloud Computing Down with CapEx! No CapEx requirement for servers - low up - front costs Small Business Attitude Addressing our own core market - 5 to 20 users

Providing a bespoke, planned and implemented service customer by customer, no just 'use of the service'

Providing top quality, timely support via our highly - rated engineers. Familiary & Compatibility Absolutely standard Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office

Latest versions of all software on demand

Microsoft Partner & Hosting Community Member Security at all Levels Secure datacentre with 24-hour security and monitoring
Enterprise-class secure network architecture
Enterprise-grade firewalls with comprehensive gateway security
Secure, encrypted access for all users
Two-factor authentication
Comprehensive Update programme
Spam filtering & Anti-Virus
SonicWALL Approved Partner Status Disasters Recovered Offsite backup of all customer data via SonicWALL continuons Data Protection
Local bare-metal backup permits near-inmediate restoration
Fully redundant equipment resilient to component failure
Constant Monitoring for early warning & disaster aversion
24-hour on-call server, cooling and network maintenance teams Streamlined Support Maintenance of server included in monthly costs
User support provided within a simple monthly contract
4-hour response with 8-hour fix / escalation promise
95% of calls responded to within 30 minutes
Fully transparent online management system You can do all that ? YES !! Contact US info@brickdatatechnology.com
http://www.brickdatatechnology.com (877) 636 - 7720
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