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Barney's Version

No description

liam manning

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Barney's Version

Barney's Version
Mordecai Richler
Plot and Characters
Barney Panofsky
Accused of murder.
"Three times a loser"
Barney's first wife.
Married in Paris.
Baby died at birth.
She died of suicide.
The Second Mrs. Panofsky
Barney's second wife.
Shortest marriage.
She cheats on him with his best friend.
Boogie Moscovitch
Barney's best friend.
Slept with Barney's wife.
Disappeared shortly after.
Barney was accused of the murder.
Miriam Greenberg
Barney's third wife.
Married for 31 years.
Left him for another man.
Mother of 3.
Radio personality.
Clara Charnofsky
Thesis and Directional
Thesis Statement
In the novel Barney’s Version, author Mordecai Richler tells of his real life growth through parallel events told through the eyes of protagonist Barney Panofsky who grows as an individual, becoming less selfish and more open to the needs of those around him.
Directional Statement
The major areas that Barney Panofsky reflects on how he has changed and grown over the course of his lifetime are: how he has changed as a husband, how his relationships with friends have developed, how his relationships with his children have changed, and where he chose to live.
Richler's life
How Barney's life parallels Richler's
Both were married for the first time in Paris.
Both met their last wives at a previous wedding.
They spent the majority of their lives with their final wives.
Boogie mirrored a man named Mason Hoffenburg, also a heroine addict.
Izzy Panofsky, Barney's father was a direct copy of the police officer that harassed Richler as a kid.
Saul was inspired by Richler's son Noah, and his Marxist phase.
Michael was inspired by Daniel, neither are close with their parents.
Kate was inspired by Martha, who was Richler's favourite kid.
Both moved to Paris instead of university.
Both mostly lived in Montreal.
Both had a cottage in Quebec.
Importance to the Literary Cannon
How does Barney's Version fit into the literary cannon?
1950's - 1980's
Canadian Literature.
Jewish Literature.
Artistic Quality
Best artistic quality is it's use of humour.
The biggest value the it reflects on is marriage, and infidelity.
Didn't shape Western civilization.
Books about the Book
Several books written about Richler.
Easy to find.
No books, but several articles and papers about Barney's Version.
Is it a movie?
First printed in 1997.
2 editions.
Novel is only English, movie has several translations.
Just one film adaptation.
Is the author renowned?
A famous Canadian author.
Several best selling novels.
Also childrens books and TV programs.
"The great shining star of his Canadian literary generation."
Is it taught?
Not in high school.
There's no Richler on university reading lists outside of Quebec.
Wasn't a pivotal work, but it was one of his most famous.
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