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I Even Love Your Stinky Feet From Story Idea to Story Book

Planning and drawing the pictures for a children's book.

JC Campbell

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of I Even Love Your Stinky Feet From Story Idea to Story Book

I Even Love Your Stinky Feet From Story Idea to Story Book The story of creating a children's book... Where did we start? Heather had a lovely idea for a children's book
based on a conversation she had with her daughter. JC was excited to draw a book for kids
and immediately loved the concept. We knew 3 things we wanted for the book:
We wanted it to be intimate.
We wanted some fun & silliness.
We wanted it to have a sense of cohesion. As the writing got started
Heather had an inspiration,
why not write the book in haiku? What's a haiku?
Don't worry... we looked into it.
"Haiku" is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines.
The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme. -kidzone.com We set to work...
Heather writing haiku,
JC looking for life references from which to draw. JC gathered a variety of visual sources... Family photos... had a mixture of fun and love. Because this book was not a narrative,
JC had a lot of illustrative freedom. as well as photos that Illustrator JC Campbell Author Heather Christman JC created roughly 30 sketches... out of 50+ references... over about 3 weeks. Meanwhile, Heather was busy trying to think of ways parents say 'I love you'... in haiku! I love your blue eyes
Big, bright and sparkly blue
I love them, I do

Love your funny ears
Crinkled and wrinkled and cute
I love them, I do
A few of Heather's first drafts sounded like this: I love your smile
Warm and oh so pearly white
I love it, I do Some of JC's sketches didn't make the cut either... Heather & JC did lots of emailing... And some awesome blogging at www.http://ideatobook.blogspot.com. Things started to come together.
Another draft from Heather
sounded more like this. Check it out... really... I love your soft hands
Touch so soft, like a feather
You handle with care By adding more sensory statements, Heather had really created a new dimension! A few unique details about the book: The text on this page was based on this illustration. I love your shy smile
Like a game of hide and seek
You play all the time This illustration was inspired by this stanza. I love your freckles
Caramel spots all over
Want to eat them up This is Heather's husband, Randy, reading to their daughter, Halen. Lastly, the cover for the book
is made up Jac's footprints. In the end, with a lot of effort,
love, and a little luck
all the hard work was worth it. This is JC's crazy kid, Jac.
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