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Copy of AE3 Advocacy Speech: Con Genetically Modified Foods

speech talking about the negative effects of genetically modified food

kelly malsch

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Copy of AE3 Advocacy Speech: Con Genetically Modified Foods

Modified Foods:
The Use of Hormones in Food Production
Should the Government be Allowing It?

Kelly Malsch definition:
genetically modified foods can be defined as a result of recumbent DNA biotechnological procedures that allow the genetic makeup of an organism to be modified ? in human terms that means that farmers inject hormones into their products to make them grow faster, taste better, and look more appealing more science stuff:
hormones produced in the body are called endogenous
hormones not produced in the body are called xenobiotic
hormones bind to protein receptors present in hormone responsive tissues
the receptor then undergoes conformational change
binds to specific DNA sequences
and regulates specific genes within a cell
synthetic hormones are different because of their metabolism rate and excretion let's talk about cows! the FDA says hormones aren't allowed in the production of beef but there's a loophole if a drug is given to treat an illness a "withdrawal" period is necessary before the food from that animal is considered safe to eat like how people have a withdrawal period from crack cows start out eating grass they eventually get moved to a feed lot where they are fed specially formulated feed with corn and other grains they're actually given drugs, hormones to be precise cows are like any other animal and human, they have natural hormones in their body which are:
testosterone the synthetic hormones used are:
trenbolone acetate
melengesterol acetate how do they inject them?
well there is a device that they place under the skin on the cow's ear that periodically secretes hormones which is effective for 90 to 120 days what effects do these hormones have on humans? these hormones can disrupt human hormone balance
which can cause developmental problems, interfere with the reproductive system, and even lead to the development of breast, prostate or colon cancer
children, pregnant women and the unborn are the most susceptible to the effects of synthetic hormones
it can also cause girls to experience pubrety earlier in life which can also cause breast cancer and other forms of cancer hormones also have an impact on the environment from the hormones being spread by cow manure when manure from factory farms enters the surrounding environment, these hormones can contaminate surface and groundwater
aquatic ecosystems are particularly vulnerable to hormone residues
recent studies have demonstrated that exposure to hormones has a substantial effect on the gender and reproductive capacity of fish, throwing off the natural cycle hormones are also used in the production of milk in cows
they inject the cow with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)
FDA approval for rBGH came in 1993, in spite of strong opposition from scientists, farmers and consumers
rBGH was never properly tested allergic reactions are also a major health factor when dealing with the use of hormones why is the government allowing hormones to be used in food production when they are known to cause health and environmental risks? End Scene
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