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Qualities of Justinian

No description

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Qualities of Justinian

Qualities of Justinian
Energetic: Was nicknamed the sleepless emperor
tireless: Always trying to get what's best for his people
Strong-willed: He was single-minded in acheiving his goals
was he ceaseropapistic?
Yes, Justinian was ceaseropapistic because his main focus as emperor was to bring back the Roman empire, yet he created the "Hagia Sophia"(extremely lavish church that was said to perform miracles on the sick who touched its doorjambs)
Pros and cons of his qualities
energetic/tireless: good for keeping alive a vision, bad for getting overexcited
Believed that the city should be extravagant: good for showing incoming cities how magnificent they were, bad because the people's taxes were wasted and that caused riots in the streets
educated: good for negotiating with neighoring countries for trade
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