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The Georgia colony

No description

Max Heller

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of The Georgia colony

The Georgia Colony By Max Heller Climate Government, Economy, and Religion Geography and Climate In Georgia, summers are hot, and winters are not difficult. It is very easy to grow crops most of the the year. That is why so many people believe that subsistence farming is the way to go. Not like cold, blustery New Hampshire. Brrrrrrr! Geography
The geography of Georgia was mainly coastal hilly plains, lots of forests. The Southern Colonies are divided into two regions, the Tidewater region, which is good for farming, and the Backwater region, which is a little more wild. There is plenty of wildlife and game, for food or for sport. Natural Resources Georgia's main resource is its lumber. Due to the vast, lush forests, lumber for building and burning is very easy to find. You shouldn't have any trouble building your house! Government James Oglethorpe was the official Governor, but William Stephens was elected leader while Oglethorpe was preoccupied with fighting of the Spanish from Florida. Georgia became a royal colony in 1772, so we have protection from the king. Religions Georgia was home to mainly Christians and Jews, as well as Roman Catholics. Georgia was savaged by Puritans and Lutherans, but they are all gone now. You will not be alone, no matter what your religion. Economy Georgia's main exports were lumber, rice, and indigo, as well as fur. There was thought of exporting silk, because the mulberry tree, the natural food source of the silk worm, grew wild in Georgia, but the thought was soon abandoned. It's an easy choice
We hope to see you there! Come to Georgia Bibliography Martin Kelly, “Georgia Colony”, 2012, www.about.com, 21 September 2012

Henry William Elson, “Georgia” 1904. Transcribed by Kathy Wilson. www.usahistory.com . 21 September 2012 http://www.usahistory.info/southern/Georgia.html

Linda Alchin “Colonial America” April 16 2012 www.colonial-america.info 21 September 2012 http://www.colonial-america.info/colonial-america-copyright.htm Differences Our main exports are very easy to grow in the Tidewater region, and there are many great trading opportunities.
Also, Georgia serves as a barrier between the colonies and the Spanish down South.
Georgia's winters are mild, and our summers are beautiful
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