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Qantas Airlines : Twitter Nose Dive

No description

Brooke McDonald

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Qantas Airlines : Twitter Nose Dive

Turbulent Times
August 27, 2010 : Racial rugby controversy

August 30: Engine explosion

October 29: Union strikes result in 68,000 passengers stranded

November 4: Engine explosion, emergency landing

November 5: Engine troubles, grounded Airbus fleet

November 21: Arbitration for trial between Qantas and three unions

November 23: #QantasLuxury campaign launched
Qantas Airlines : Twitter Nosedive

Operation Miscommunication
Decisions and Recommendations
Challenger Shuttle
McDonald's: "You Ask, We Answer"
Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS)

Founded in 1919 in Winston Australia by two Australian Flying Corps Officers

Famous for the use of a kangaroo symbol appearing on all its aircraft. The symbol was originally adapted from the Australia one penny coin.

In 2010, after 90 years of successful operations, Qantas had expanded to become Australia’s largest domestic and international airline, carrying more than 41.4 million passengers each year to 184 destinations in 42 countries, operating an average of 5,300 flights each week.

Cassie Ann Hodges
Fall 2014
Leadership in Global Org.

Less than two hours into the competition, the #QantasLuxury Twitter hashtag had reached the “breaking trend” status throughout Australia, averaging approximately 130 tweets every 10 minutes.

By the next morning, Qantas had more than 14,700 social media mentions and not just in Australia but from countries all around the world.
Policies for Improvement
Hindsight is 20/20
Ignoring available evidence
Mismanagement by top level decision makers
Understanding your audience
Stakeholder engagement
Stakeholders and Decision-Makers

Communication Strategy:
Internal - issue management
External - effective message creation

Press Release, Action Plan
"Too Big to Fail" mentality

Misdirected campaign
"understand the audience and tailor messages so they congeal with the audience needs and preexisting attitudes."
Communication (not money) and address reputation management through crisis prevention/management
Proactive > Reactive

Active engagement of stakeholders
Media relations
External communications
Community relations

#QuantasLuxury = #NeverShouldHaveHappened
Rather than considering the outside environment of an organization in terms of markets or publics… communications practitioners [should] view the environment in terms of … stakeholder groups upon which the organization is dependent.

“I believe these changes will help us better position and strengthen the Qantas brand,” Mr Joyce said. “We’ll be able to know our customers better, market and communicate our stories more effectively, and help us strengthen vital government partnerships for success.”
What Now?
In Australia, primary drivers go beyond supporting sales and marketing
- Community relations and investment
- Employee engagement

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