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Copy of HD3

Thin Film Solar

Leon Viveros

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of HD3

High efficiency thin film technologies and processes for solar applications Why is this important? Importance of Solar Making it happen Competitive Advantage Our strategy QUESTIONS? Electricity is a commodity, and the methods of generation are chosen based on cost
In the market of solar energy winners take all, and cost leaders have the most business
Our technology will allow an entry into a high level entry market in order to compete with current market leaders Kramer Winningham
Brittain Catron
Leon Viveros Value Proposition Thin film deposition technology that allows for fabrication of solar cells outside of a vacuum environment HD3 Discovery Day Currently 80% of CAPEX for solar thin film manufacturing facilities is incurred by the deposition method
Current cost of 30 MW facilities + $20M
Current vapor deposition methods require vacuum environments
A main driver of capital cost. Shell Oil Company predicts an energy scenario where solar will produce 40% of world power demand by 2060
In the USA solar accounts for 0.4% of the energy. $371B was spent on electricity
$1.7 T is spent worldwide
Latin American & OECD expecting 45% industry growth in 2013 Chinese made Crystalline Silicon (C-Si) and First Solar Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Scalability
Flexible production schedules, with a decrease on depreciation expenses that are passed on to the final product
Potential to depose 2nd and 3rd generation panels with efficiencies up to 70%
C-Si peaks out a 23% and CdTe at 18% We are an outstanding team
Kramer Winningham
Brittain Catron
Leon Viveros
Secured option for an exclusive license on LANL technology
NMSBA project to validate the technologies ability to depose solar material
In the process of obtaining NMSU laboratory space to build prototype with strong support from NMSU Source: Thin Film 2012-2016: Technologies, Markets, and Strategies for Survival (GTM Research) Solar Thin Film Producers and Market (MW) March 21, 2013 Our Technology Depose thin film outside of the vacuum
Developed at LANL and patented
Tested on nearly every element of the periodic table and O, N, and C
Potential to do many more compounds -CdTe, GaAs (Record Efficiency 29%)
Requires an oven instead of a vacuum
Much more cost effective
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