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Lindsey Stirling

the hip hop violinist

casey blackburn

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey plays hip hop, dubestep, and classical
music on her violin. and in every video finds a way
to make each song more interesting. Lindsey's music proses starts with finding a good base. Then she adds other instruments like flute, piano, the harp, etc. She also needs to know if its a beat she can dance to. Lastly she rights the notes for the violin. In Lindsey's videos first thing she dose is
plan out with her friend Devin Gram where they
will shoot the video. Next she creates a dance for the song. Lastly she finds an outfit. Lindsey was on Americas Got Talent. She played
Electric Daisy if im not mistaken. She was shot down.
She is still doing well with her carrier. Lindsey Stirling Lindsey started playing the violin
when she was 5 years old. When she
got older she created the YouTube Chanel
LindseyStomp (named after her band in
high school) where she uploaded music
videos. Now she has multiple albums and
is on tour. Fan art. why not Lindsey has done music videos for video games and other things
like the Zelda melody, Game of Thrones, Phantom of the Opera, Skyrim, Lord of the Rings, On the floor, and so much more. Lindsey has worked in many different places like the woods, or a mall. Shes also works with many different people. Lindsey also has a site where people can buy sheet music she has preformed. As you can see life is hard :'( This is one of my favorite videos by Lindsey <3 Ever since I found Lindsey online I have
been inspired to play the violin XD, don't make fun. Because I am a Lindsey fan girl
I made some fan art. This is from her latest
video Elements. I practice a lot of the dance moves
Lindsey does but could someone please tell
me how she does this. Well I could go on but I
don't want to be here for the
rest of my life so here is
Lindsey's newest and one
of my favorite videos
Elements. Bonus
Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens Lindsey is the only girl I know whose
weapon of choice is a violin bow. Have you ever seen a violin rock out??
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