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Minerals formed from hot water solutions

No description

Anna Converse

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Minerals formed from hot water solutions

How does the process work 1
Magma has heated the water to high temperatures beneath earth's surface, and form solutions. When it cools the elements and compounds leave the solution and crystallize as mineral
How does the process work part 2
Pure metals that crystallize form veins .Deep underground solutions of hot water and metals often follow the cracks within the rock, Then the metal crystallizes into veins
What is Solution?
Solution: A mixture in which one substance dissolves in to another
Minerals From Hot Water Solutions
What is a vein?
Vein: a narrow channel or slab of mineral that is much different then the surrounding rock.
How does it work? part 3
Minerals form from solutions at places where tectonic plates spread apart along mid ocean ridges. Ocean water seeps through the cracks in the crust. It touches the magma and is heated to high temperatures it dissolves and rushes upward. Then it comes out of vents and chimneys. When they hit the cold sea the minerals crystalize and settle on the ocean floor.
Rock Cycle Song
Crystallized Mineral
Vents or chimney
Minerals Formed by evaporation
When can minerals form when solutions evaporate?
thick deposits of mineral halite formed over millions of years when seas slowly evaporate
Where does this occur in the U.S.A.?
Midwest, Southwest, and along the Gulf Coast
What useful minerals can be formed by evaporation of sea water?
gypsum, calcite crystals, and minerals containing potassium
Making Building Materials
used in microscopes
Used in making fertilizer
Process Diagram
Vent or chimney
minerals formed by evaporation
Diagram of U.S.A
Calcite crystals
Solution Rocks
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