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2ND TERM Sport and organitations in Europe

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Transcript of 2ND TERM Sport and organitations in Europe

sport and organitations in Europe
Formula 1
The main sports in Europe
Physical education in European
schools and high schools
Does the European
population play sports?
How often the people play sport?
Percentages of people who do not play sport never
Differences between genders and ages
Mireia Belmonte
Katie Ledecky Carolina Marín

Maria Sharapova
Ona Carbonell
• There are 29 organizations:
-4 associations.
-5 confederations.
-5 federation.
-8 unions.
-4 committees.
-3 clubs.
• Football,cycling,basketball,etc…
• In own country, Spain, there are 55 federations.

The biggest football organization at European level is the EUFA that belongs to FIFA

The main competition at the club level is the Champions League played for the first time by men in 1955 and played for the first time by women in 2001. The country with more cups won is Spain with 16.

These condcompetition at the national level is the euro cup played every 4 years. The actual championis Portugal that won in 2016. Spain won 3 euro cup. Two of them were consecutively won, one in 2008 and other in 2012
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