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Should student’s textbooks be replaced by notebook compute

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Katie Fox

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Should student’s textbooks be replaced by notebook compute

Pros of using a laptop
Cons of using textbooks
Should student’s textbooks be replaced by notebook computers or iPads?
My Argument
I think students should be able to use laptops instead of using workbooks for their schoolwork.
Not only will this be better for the environment but will also have all up to date information. Being able to update information via the web will save the school greatly on the cost of textbooks as they need replacing every couple of years as they get outdated quickly.
California tested an Algebra 1 e-textbook for Apple’s iPad.
Those who used the iPad version scored 20 percent higher on standardized tests versus students who learned with traditional textbooks.
Looking To The Future
Schools should develop a policy to incorporate digital textbooks into our school systems to better prepare children for a future with twenty-first century technology.
Step 4
Switching from textbooks and notebooks to laptops will lessen the loads on our backs and has many other benefits. But can they rise to the occasion? If students truly want to replace textbooks and notebooks with laptops, they will have to show responsibility to their teachers and parents.
~ Lighter backpacks
~ Better for the environment
~ Always up to date
~ More practical
~ Can cause health issues later in life
~ Outdated quickly
~ Can rip easily
~ Easy to loose or misplace
~ 1,000 students spend between $3,000-$4,000 a month on paper, ink, toner, printer wear and tear, and technical support costs

~ 100 teachers use 250,000 pieces of paper annually

~ Tablets are projected to drop from roughly $500 to $250 by 2015
"Personally I find it easier to read on my tablet because if the words are to small I can zoom in and I can also change the brightness when my eyes are starting to hurt."


Mairehau High school has been developing a program to use ipads in the classroom
By Katie Fox
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