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Establishing a Culture of Manufacturing Success! PINpoint V5 MES / Manufacturing Execution System + Andon System

V5 Makes Committing to a Culture of Manufacturing Excellence Practical. Set Your Goals, Leverage Real Time Data to Be Accountable to Those Goals, Make Adjustments, Measure the Effectiveness of Those Decisions and Make Walking The Talk a Way of Life!

Jason Ireland

on 13 February 2018

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Transcript of Establishing a Culture of Manufacturing Success! PINpoint V5 MES / Manufacturing Execution System + Andon System

Establishing a Culture of
Manufacturing Success!

'PINpoint Manages the Manufacturing of CAT's
Heavy Machinery in Different Languages
in Factories Around the World.'
Plant Floor Management 'Out-of-the-Box'
PINpoint is
a custom controls company.
PINpoint is
an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
the Most Proven, Most Flexible, Cost-
Effective 'Out-of-the-Box' Configurable Plant
Floor Management System on the Market Today.
Empowering Efficiency
A platform for the future, V5 MES is flexible and scalable.
It's the ideal paperless manufacturing solution for all non-process and full-process control assembly lines no matter what size (
from 1, to unlimited device inputs
PINpoint V5
is a website based,
WYSIWYG configurable MES/MOM
software for batch/discrete manufacturing lines.
gives you full control over your manufacturing process -
simply configure your manufacturing process on-the-fly in a website browser
Interacts with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
system, and any existing MES/MOM;
interfaces flawlessly with your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
and all ancillary shop floor devices.
Thank You!
Data Visibility
is about more than pretty pictures, it is
about providing
laser focused feedback from the plant
floor that empowers timely, proactive decision making.

.working from a Position of
is Critical.
has to be Shared to be Effective.
Once your production time has been defined, your TAKT time is considered to automatically set your goal and set the plan.
You significantly increase the probability of achieving your goal
when it is clearly defined and communicated to all stakeholders.

Create a plan based on goals while remaining flexible, should the plan need to change.
Everything starts with your schedule.
V5’s advanced route verification, process integrity, sub-component quality, and tangible product attributes are used to answer the
ultimate question –
‘Can you ship this product to your customer?’

- User configurable tools that deliver a closed loop of process accountability and allow you to see your
products through your customer’s eyes. Designed from the ground up to raise the bar on error-proofing strategies
beyond the ‘nuts-n-bolts’ & ‘lot traceability’ solutions.
Know how every second of your production time is being spent.
Allocating each second of each station’s production time into
5 Bucket Model
provides you with unprecedented information about the performance of your stations and lines.

"...applying the
5 Bucket Model
allows you to quickly isolate station issues, facilitate and evaluate the effectiveness of your management decisions, and highlight long term trends."

Key Performance Indicators
are calculated in real-time at every station, across the entire line and delivered to any Smart device.
PINpoint V5
identifies the moment you deviate from your plan, provides the ability to drill down to determine the events that caused the decrease in performance,
empowers you to make adjustments and provides the tools to measure the effectiveness
of those management decisions."

Every event related to product, quality and performance is
made available at your fingertips by leveraging the latest
in business intelligence technology.
...PINpoint V5

leverages knowledge of every action on the assembly line to trend your OEE in real-time,
pareto the stations with the worst quality
or performance numbers and even predict what you are likely to build before the end of the day."
Production Metrics should not be limited to graphs
and charts
, displaying manually tabulated, subjective
data to tell you what happened yesterday.

Walk the Talk Every Day and Make World Class
Quality and Efficiency Your New Normal

Pursuing Quality and Efficiency is commonplace
but embracing a culture of accountability required
to achieve it and deploying the tools necessary to
support that culture is not.

PINpoint V5 Makes Committing to a
Culture of Excellence Practical

Set your goals, leverage real time data to be
accountable to those goals, make adjustments,
measure the effectiveness of those decisions and
make walking the talk a way of life!

V5 Andon leverages the same DNA as the V5 MES to accurately track the flow of products on the line, provide visibility of work orders, and all products in process;
and ultimately affording you laser focused data to drive proactive decision making.
V5 Andon is the ultimate manufacturing communications, tracking and reporting solution.
Andon functionality is built right into each line operator’s station
user interface.
...for a demo please contact us:

or call:
+1 (905) 639-8787
Manufacturing Pains
Not Knowing What Is Happening On The Assembly Line
How can you optimize manufacturing processes if you don't know what to optimize?

Timing And Availability
Are all needed materials/parts available on time? Are assembly line workers
‘logged in’ and available to work on the available product?

Relying On 3rd Parties To Solve Problems They're Not Qualified To
Are consultants, integrators or programmable logic controller (PLC)
programmers the most knowledgeable of your process to solve your problem?

Complex PLC Logic
How much time, and for what expense does PLC programming contribute
to your problem?

Wasted Time / Money Due To Reactionary Actions That Don't Solve The Broader Issues
Are you tired of investing in ‘band aid’ or short-term fixes that are not scalable,
need frequent maintenance, and upgrading?

Manufacturing Poor Quality Products
Have you lost customers and market share due to product quality issues?

Unmotivated Manufacturing Team
Is employee morale low? Are you benefiting from the full-potential of your people?
'PINpoint Manages the
EcoBoost Engine
Assembly for the
Ford GT Supercar'
Version 5 / V5 MES and V5 Andon software now available.
V5 Andon is the most comprehensive web configurable Andon system on the market; a value-added, entry-level error-proofing (MES) solution with plant floor communications, product tracking and manufacturing reporting.
World Leading Manufacturers of Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Machinery and Recreation Vehicles All Benefit from PINpoint's Website Based Plant Floor Management System.
Proven Since 1997
We support our customers 100% with 24/7 software support directly from PINpoint Engineers.
We are a leading manufacturing execution software development company with over 20 Years of experience
. PINpoint software is meticulously designed and tested to ITIL standards.
We write software to quality test our software before any official product release (
automation testing
communicate vital info regarding the progress and needs of each assembly line workstation.
Each work station's progress / status is strategically displayed, with the information the manufacturer chooses to report being fully-configurable using
in a website on any device.
'Polaris ATVs Assembly is Verified by PINpoint to Achieve Unprecedented Error-Proofing Results.'
PINpoint is
your "average" Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution.
'PINpoint Trains and Guides New Line Workers in the Assembly of Quality Parts for the BOEING 787'
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