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Podcasts in the Classroom

No description

Kelly Tarr

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Podcasts in the Classroom

Not just for Hipsters Anymore Listening to Podcasts Creating Podcasts Great for
auditory learners Work on
listening skills Podcasts are:

Primary Source
Entertaining Students may
listen on an
iPod or computer, or make a CD Many high-quality podcasts are free and easy to find Help students meet a variety of learning goals:
Health: incorporate emerging health topics Foreign Languages: listening to authentic materials English: developing listening skills, evaluating material for bias, tone, and audience Social Studies: learn about current events around the world, or closer to home Science: help students stay current with the latest information, directly from the experts Podcasts offer a unique and engaging way for your students to connect with academic content. Please stop by the library for more information about the best ways for you to incorporate podcasts into your classroom. Practice oral presentation and interview skills Writing dialog Master a new technology Create using Garageband Post using Plan and create a production:
Credits Podcasting in your classroom:
English: Book reviews or character interviews Health: Create public service announcements Social Studies: Alternative to traditional report Civics: Debate an issue Foreign language: Practice speaking and conversational skills What is a podcast? Podcasting in Education Credits:

All podcast logos from iTunes

EPN logo from http://epnweb.org

Learn Out Loud logo from http://learnoutloud.com

Garageband logo from http://apple.com

Podomatic logo from http://podomatic.com

Podcast icons are copyright free.
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