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Endangered Species

Learn about the Emperor Penguin. Includes fun facts, diet, and things you would not have known!

Katherine Ennis

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Endangered Species

Melting Ice
Boating Accidents
As the temperature decreases, the emperor penguin population decreases.
Many natural enemies like sharks
Some mother penguins lose up to 50% of their baby penguins
Commercial fishing

Reasons for Endangerment
Reason to Save Emperor Penguins
There are about 595,000 Emperor Penguins
Population Estimation
Survival Trends
by Katherine Ennis
Emperor Penguins
Scientific Name
Aptenodytes forsteri
Description of Habitat
Solutions to Help the Emperor Penguins
Interesting Facts
Lives near ocean to hunt for their food and to drink the sea water
When emperor penguins are diving, they can reach about 17 miles per hour.
Emperor penguins can stay underwater for 20 minutes

They are fair with gender equality (Mother hunts and father watches the eggs)
Valuable to ecosystem
Without them there would be more fish and less polar bears
They're the only birds that can swim, which is very special.
Males do not sit on their eggs, they hold them in between their legs
When a mother loses her chick, she tries to steal another chick to "replace" her lost chick, but fails.
The Emperor Penguins are the Largest & Heaviest Penguins
Emperor penguins slide on their stomach to save energy.

The penguins' feathers provide warmth and they hang in "gangs" to protect each other.
The emperor penguins consume more food than any other species, but go on fasting periods.
Mainly eats fish, squid, krill, and crustaceans.
Potential Damage to Environment if Emperor Penguins were to be Extinct
The penguins’ predators will not find food and go extinct as well
The population of the fish they eat will rapidly increase
Unbalanced ecosystem
Less tourists
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Interesting Facts Continued
Work Cited
Adopt a penguin
Cut soda plastic rings up so the penguins do not choke when hunting
Limit your fishing/take them into your consideration while fishing
Interesting Facts Continued
Only in Antarctica & Surrounding Sea
Southern Extreme of Planet Earth
Limited to cold area
Habitat Divided into two areas by the Transantarctic Mountain Range
Dry & Windy
98% of their habitat is covered in ice
The population is most likely to shrink 80% by the year 2100,
Their skin also provides heat.
Another thing they do to survive is huddling together.
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