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Student CM 380 Social Learning

cog and learning

Patrice Oppliger

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Student CM 380 Social Learning

Learning Theories
Classical Conditioning
Operant Conditioning
Bandura's Social Learning Theory
vicarious (media) learning through observed
Bandura's Social Learning Theory or Social Cognition Theory
4. Motivation
3. Motor Reproduction
2. Retention
1. Attention/Availability
Humans are neither driven by internal forces nor buffeted helpless by external forces
Humans are constantly hypothesizing about which behaviors will succeed.

Humans recognize feedback and then try to predict future consequences.

Experiences are cognitively mediated.
Bandura Cont.
Four Modeling Stages
direct association between two stimuli
learned association through direct reward/punishment
Note: not simple mimicry
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