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CES 2017 Tech Trends to Watch

CTA's Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac lays out the trends impacting the tech industry moving forward

Shawn DuBravac, PhD

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of CES 2017 Tech Trends to Watch

CES 2017
Tech Trends To Watch

3,800+ Exhibitors

20% of CES exhibitors didn't exist 3 years ago
165,000+ Attending

150 Countries

1. The New Voice of Computing
3. Connections & Computations
4. Transportation Transformation
2. AI's Infusion into Our Lives & Businesses
5. Digitizing the Consumer Experience
1. The New Voice of Computing
“CES is the one place where expanding global innovation, the technology community and government can join and showcase a better future for us all,” said John Penny, chief strategy officer, Starz

“I really use CES as a place to inspire myself and take back this inspiration to our teams at L’Oreal.” – Rachel Weiss, VP-Innovation and Entrepreneurship, L’Oreal USA

“CES is clearly evolving. It's no longer a technology show. It is a connected life show, it is an advertising and media show.” – David Christopher, CMO, AT&T Mobility
The Word Error Rate (WER) Through Time....
1995 = 100%
2013 = 23%
2017 = "human parity"

The graphical user interface (GUI) started to broadly disappear with wearables and other non-traditional computing applications circa 2010

The Next Computer Interface is Voice
Ushering in an Era
of Faceless Computing
Increasingly Intelligent Systems Connecting Diverse Objects
Software Eating Hardware
Hardware Eating Software
Smart Home
We are increasing living with "robots"
CTA estimates the global Smart Home is some $25B in 2016
The Physical Manifestation of Data
Aggregated Learning
4. Transportation Transformation
The Entire Ecosystem Comes Together at CES
Self-driving Vehicles
Driver Assist Technologies
200K+ net square feet of exhibit space
Hub Devices for Vocal Computing
2017 CES Tech Trends to Watch
Vocal Computing will replace the traditional GUIs for robots and other emerging computing applications
Josephine Cochrane
1893 Chicago World's Fair
Dishwasher adoption was driven in the postwar period by home electrification, permanent indoor plumbing, and later through the standardization of countertop height in homes.

1985 = 58% of US homes have a dishwasher
2016 = 80% of US homes have a dishwasher
Smart Home is the Continued Automation of our Residences
Broadband and Wi-Fi adoption are the modern-day electrification and indoor plumbing that eventually drove dishwasher uptake
Google Vehicles have self driven over 2 million miles
200,000 stop signs
600,000 traffic lights
180 million vehicles
75 years of typical U.S. adult driving
12 Success Street
3 Months
Show the
Describe your
current location
What is your Destination?
How fast do you
want to reach
your destination?
Zoom in for the details...
Hours of work done...
Lots of placeholders
for your content
Silicon, Middleware, Hardware, Service Suppliers, OEMs
5. Digitizing the Consumer Experience
Shawn DuBravac, PhD

VR + AR = Mixed Reality
The Future of Entertainment
Faraday Future
Shawn G. DuBravac, PhD
Chief Economist
Ushering in Smart Cities
An Increasingly Autonomous Life
2. AI's Infusion into Our
Lives & Businesses
Voice Activated Digital Assistants set to double in 2017
The Lenovo New Glass C200
Mayfield Kuri
Samsung POWERbot VR7000
3. Connections & Computations
Defining the Future of the Network
C Space
How I'm Assessing AI @CES
Inflection point of perceived value
1) Depth of Knowledge
2) Fluidity (of Conversation)
3) Value of Recommendations
4) AI Infused Adjustments
5) Depth of Change
1960s Jetsonian Vision.
Magical Automation
1980s Whole Home (Structured) Automation
2020s Age of Adaptive Automation
New Age of Futurism
Blending data from diverse devices is improving signal & functionality, recommendations to follow
Wearables Beyond the Wrist
Health & Wellness: 89 exhibitors
Sport Tech: 25 exhibitors
Sleep Tech: 9 exhibitors
Family Tech: 48 exhibitors
Wearables: 82 exhibitors

250+ exhibitors
Samsung S-Skin
Helios Smart Ring
Prevent Biometrics
Chrysler all-electric Portal
Ford Self Driving Fusion
Honda NeuV
Digitization and Democratization of Healthcare
The Digitization of our Environments

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