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Leonard Cohen

One of the Greatest Canadian Artists of the 20th Century

michael metzler

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Norman Cohen Early Childhood Born September 21, 1934. Leonard lived in Westmount on the Island of Montreal. His Father, Nathan, died when Leonard was nine years old. Schooling Went to Herzliah High school. Studied with the poet Irving Layton while at Herzliah. Atteneded McGill
University in 1951. Went to Columbia University for a year in 1956/57. Family Born into a middle class Jewish family. Mother was Lithuanian. Father was Polish. Suzanne(original) People of Influence Irving Layton Whitman Federico Garcia Lorca Henry Miller Miller Started learning guitar in High School. Poet, novelist, musician and singer-songwriter Published Poetry Let us Compare Mythologies('56) Flowers for Hitler('64) The Spice-Box of Earth('61) Death of a Lady's Man('78) Book of Mercy('84) Stranger Music:Selected Poems and Songs('93) Book of Longing('06) Published Books The Favourite Game('63) Beautiful Losers('66) Politics at the Time of "Suzanne"(1967) Prime Minister of Canada was Lester B. Pearson. Canadians began to feel fully detatched from Britain. French-Canadian pride was moving into politics in Quebec. It was the start of the Baby Boom. The Leafs won 4th Stanley Cup in 6 years,
the last one since. Montreal hosted the World Expo. American president was Lyndon B. Johnson. American troops landed in Vietnam and launched operation "Deckhouse Five". Places Where He's Lived Had two children with Suzanne Elrod,
Adam and Lorca. Has a grand-daughter named Viva. Cohen has lived in Montreal, Nashville, Mt. Baldy Zen Center(LA). At Mt. Baldy, Cohen took the name Jikan,
meaning "silence" in Dharma. Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi Other Cohen often refers to himself in his Hebrew name Eliezer, meaning God is my help. His daughter was named afetr Federico Garcia Lorca. The song "Suzanne" was not about Suzanne Elrod,
but about Suzanne Verdal, the former life of his
friend, French-Canadian Armand Vaillancourt. Hit Songs Suzanne('67) Ain't No Cure for Love('88) Avalanche('71) Bird on the Wire('69) Dance Me to the End of Love('84) Everybody Knows('88) Famous Blue Raincoat('71) First We Take Manhattan('87) Hallelujah('84) So Long, Marianne('68) He has been romantically involved with Elrod, Anjani Thomas,
Marianne Jensen and Rebecca De Mornay. Cohen became a Rinzai Zen Buddhist monk during his time at the Mt. Baldy monastery.
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