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No description

Jeremiah Gregory

on 24 April 2012

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Transcript of Mobile

1 8 9 7 6 3 5 4 2 0 * # ABC DEF GHI JKL MNO PQRS TUV WXYZ Why Mobile? 150,000 mobile websites 3,000,000 2000% Growth % % 2010: 17% of smartphone users planned
to use their smartphones in the holiday
shopping process Of the 17% with smartphones...
56%: compare prices
46%: get product information
42%: shop or browse online
39%: read reviews million smartphones
in the U.S September 2010 60 $2 Billion Are You
Their Pocket? $ 2011 Will See Almost in mobile advertising 2008 2010 RECORD GROWTH! mobile websites in 2010 What is Mobile? It is... Local News Weather School Closings Video on the GO! How Can Users Access WXII12 Mobile? Two Ways Mobile Web Mobile App Mobile Web Access your phones
web browser Type in
WXII12.com OR Mobile App Access your phones
Appstore/Market Search
and Download
WXII12 App Access
ENJOY! WXII12 Mobile Growth What time of day
do users access mobile? Mobile means 24/7 Latest Stats: March 2012 3,206,301Page Views
123,458 Unique Monthly Visitors Mobile Use: People USE WXII12 Daily
66.7% Daily
18.0% every 1 to 3 days source: Mobilemarketer.com Whats included in a Mobile Sponsorship + Mobile Website Mobile App Your Campaign will rotate throughout our mobile inventory reaching all mobile users. Plus, our moblie sponsorships are CATEGORY EXCLUSIVE! Extras Mobile WXII12 Mobile Bar Code Couponing Click-to-call Ads Drive customers directly to a live person! Mobile Microsites What a microsite can provide: Company Logo
5 content categories
Location maps
Click-to-call capabilities
Bar Code Couponing
Interactive polls
Video On Air Promotion As a WXII12 mobile sponsor, your company will
be included in on-air promotional spots. These promotional spots will be :15, and reference
that "WXII12 mobile is sponsored by: your company
name". Mobile Sponsorship Summary 6-Month Category Exclusive Sponsorship Each Includes All Creative (Mobile, Web & Promotional)
Exclusive Category Sponsorship on all mobile platforms
100,000 Guaranteed 728X90 and 300X250 banner ads
On-air :15 promotional spots Monthly Investment $2,000.00 + Web Promotion Got Questions?
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