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Ashley Tung

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Taiwan

Chapter 1: Beautiful Island Of
Taiwan is an independent island that is 235 miles long and 90 miles at its widest point, Taiwan has an area of 13,900 square feet. Taiwan's capital is Taipei city. Taiwan has many forests and plains. Most of the forest is on the coastal area while the plains are in the middle. Taiwan has many exotic animals, people of Taiwan thinks it is important to keep their wildlife. One of Taiwan’s favorite symbol is the Buddhist symbol.
Chapter 2: The Great Art Of
One of Taiwan's great arts in Taiwan is creating beautiful gardens. Taiwan has about 4,000 species of flowers, that also includes 366 species of different orchid! Some flowers can grow on anything, such as blankets. Some flowers can cure people with diseases. At Yangmingshan National Park is the largest orchid farm. Taiwan's national flower is the plum blossom, the plum blossom became a symbol in 1964.

Chapter 3: Taiwan's Exotic Wildlife
Taiwan has a unique and exotic wildlife. Each animal is a symbol to Taiwan's animal kingdom. Taiwan has 70 species of mammals, which does not include 90 species of reptiles, 500 birds, 18,000 insects, and 2,700 different fishes! Their is some animals that you can rarely spot. Because of the lost of animals, some animals are illegal to kill or hurt. People of Taiwan try their best to protect their animals.
Chapter 4: Taiwan’s Festivals
Festivals are really important to the people in Taiwan, because everyone likes to take a day off to celebrate. The most oldest festival is the lunar year festival. Taiwan celebrates with glowing lanterns, moon cake, dragon boats and fireworks. They also give out red packets with money called lucky money, it not polite to open your lucky money in front of someone or you will get bad luck. On most festivals there are parades, one of the best parts of the parade is the dancing dragon and the dancing lions. The lion is suppose to bring good luck and happiness, The dragon is suppose to keep all the evil or bad spirits away.
Chapter 5: Food in Taiwan
In Taiwan it is popular to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant. On festivals, lots of families go to a restaurant. Taiwan people eat with chopsticks for every meal, chopsticks are made out of bamboo, plastic, ivory, and silver. Taiwanese people really enjoy different kinds spicy foods. The sichuan is the most spiciest food out of all the Taiwanese food. One of the most popular dessert is moon cake, the most popular food is the famous Peking duck, only often serve at banquets.

Chapter 6: Performing in Taiwan
Performing Arts are very important in Taiwan. The most popular is opera. Many opera's has stories to it. Each makeup color represent something, like red means honest and loyal, white is usually evil, in stories the emperor wears red and the main character wears blue. When there is a table on the stage with chair on top of it, then it is a mountain. When someone is sitting on the chair that means they are the emperor.

Taiwanese crafts were important to kids in Taiwan. People made crafts such as doll figures, puppets, oil umbrellas, and more. Oil umbrellas was important to the Hakka people. One of the favorites of children are diabolos, a top that you tried to balance on a string. Young girls favorites is the Taiwanese dolls, a delicate china doll with traditional clothes. Kids love the puppet shows, each puppet doll has a wooden head that is carve carefully and painted carefully.
Island of Taiwan
Taiwan’s national flower, the plum blossom
Taiwan’s panda bear with a baby panda bear
Tradition clothing for young girls
Moon cake
Performing Operas
China dolls that Taiwan sells
King, David. Taiwan. Canada: Scholastic, 2006

Cromie, Alice. Taiwan. Canada: Childrens Press, 1994








James Tung. Ashley Tung. Trappers Trail 9705, Middleton, WI. 12/15/13

Chapter 7: Crafts of Taiwan
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: Beautiful Island Of Taiwan
Chapter 2: The Great Art Of Gardens
Chapter 3: Taiwan's Exotic Wildlife
Chapter 4: Taiwan's Festivals
Chapter 5: Food in Taiwan
Chapter 6: Performing In Taiwan
Chapter 7: Crafts Of Taiwan
Bamboo A type of plant that can grow really long

Banquets A giant feast

Delicate Fragile

Exotic Wild, amazing, unique

Independent A free or by itself island

Ivory Elephant tusks

Traditional A way of life

Unique One of a kind

By: Ashley Tung
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