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MKTG presentation

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James Romero

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of MKTG presentation

MKTG 435 Presentation

CH. 6 Created By
James Romero
Noah Baker Sites Marketing to Children

Warner Brothers
Frito Lay
Anaylsis Chosen For Marketing and Ethics WB Marketing

Easy Access
Instant Media
Small Amount of Reading
Clicking every 3-4 minutes will suffice
Quick Loading
Hours of Content
Applicable to all ages
Professional look
Passive entertainment
Exciting and descriptive about words WB Ethics

Seems to be ethically sound at a quick glance
No artificial associations
Movies and Media portrayed correctly
Straight forward- no hidden messages
PG 13 content can be viewed without safeguards

Underlaying Ethical Problems

Overuse of media promotes unhealthy behavior
Active lifestyle isn't promoted
Violence/ Sex in movies can be dangerous

Crayola Marketing

Simple and Easy
Accessible and friendly for young consumers
Active theme promoted
The consumers are presented with games and activities such that the products are an extension of the website
Daily activity ideas get crayola consumers involved
Free, easy fun
Website gives a happy, playful atmosphere
Crayola Ethics

Ethically sound throughout the website
Promotes an active lifestyle
Users are prompted to be interactive and created
Crayola seems to feel like they have an ethical responsibilty to their consumers
Parents would be happy to see their children on the site which is relatively rare Interview with Chelsea and Justin B Interview with Chelsea and Justin B. on how family members influence one another. Tooth Brush
Chelsea: "make him do it"
Justin: "I just fake it"

Conflict Resolution
Chelsea: Use of Authority
Justin: Impression Management Clothes
Chelsea: "make sure they fit" ,"Stay in a price range"
Justin: "Convince her", "make deals"

Conflict Resolution
Chelsea: Use of Authority, Bargaining
Justin: Reasoning, Bargaining Cereal
Chelsea: "what he wants"
Justin: "gets what I want"

Conflict Resolution
Didn't really seem to be a conflict Major Toys
Chelsea: "buy for christmas birthdays", "he can use his own money", "let him work"
Justin: "Beg or convince them to get it for me for christmas", "won't let me buy a trampoline"

Conflict Resolution
Chelsea: Bargaining, Use of Regulation
Justin: Reasoning, Bargaining, Playing on emotions
Television Viewing
Chelsea: "no problem", "local only, had a choice between dirt bike or TV"
Justin: "I can watch what i want...only 5 channels"

Conflict Resolution
Chelsea: Bargaining
Justin: Bargaining Fast Food Restaurants
Chelsea: "only if we need to"
Justin: "Convince, Beg, or make deals so she'll stop"

Conflict Resolution
Chelsea: Use of Authority, Bargaining
Justin: Bargaining, Reasoning, Playing on Emotions
ANY QUESTIONS?? http://popup.lala.com/popup/432627045464179447
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