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Lesson 1 Management roles, responsibilities and skills

A2 Business - People

Joel Tomasevic

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Lesson 1 Management roles, responsibilities and skills

Unit 12 - Managing people Section 1 - Management roles, responsibilities and skills TO KNOW: The key roles and responsibilities of management

TO UNDERSTAND: Why managers focus on business planning, organisation, monitoring and evaluating and reporting

TO DO: To construct questions for an interview with a manager to develop an understanding of their roles and responsibilities Learning objectives What do managers do? Planning

To coordinate a business's activities so to achieve objectives Organising

Bring together a range of resources to meet business objectives Monitoring and evaluating

Monitor the effectiveness of business
Evaluate impact of management decisions Reporting

To provide important information for future planning and decision making Interview with Mr Whiteley Student task You need to construct a series of questions that will allow Mr Whiteley to provide you with information about his roles and responsibilities as Head of School
Construct FIVE questions that aim to investigate what planning, organising, monitoring and evaluating and reporting Mr Whiteley must undertake

Aim to find out HOW IMPORTANT these areas are to Toot Hill's success as a business Examples of good questions...

"When planning for a new school year what is the most difficult process to effectively plan?"

"For a school manager how important is planning in achieving business success? Could you provide examples?"

"Which stakeholders do you mainly report to and why?"
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