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EDIT - Repository construction in the oldest Hungarian university

ILIDE Conference, March 14 - 16, 2016. Jasná, Slovakia (A prezentációban szereplő fotók: Posztós János; Balkányi László)

Gabriella Virág

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of EDIT - Repository construction in the oldest Hungarian university


Repository construction in the oldest Hungarian university
the oldest Hungarian university (founded in 1635)
one of the 15 largest universities in the world
8 faculties (located in different areas of the city): Faculty of Education and Psychology, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Science, Facultyof Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education, Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education
more than 30 000 students, 2 000 from abroad
central library of ELTE
first Hungarian university library (founded in 1561)
3th largest collection in the capital, 8th in the country
until 1949 - collection is based on encyclopedic scope
after 1949 - specialized library of religious history, religion, science, philosophy, medieval and modern history
more than 2 million library units (1,6 million volumes of books, approximately 220 000 volumes of journal portfolios, 185 codices, 300 medieval diplomas, 1200 incunabula and 77 000 XVI-XVIII. century books)
University Libray Service -

approx. 50 member libraries: University Library; 8 faculty libraries, more than 40 department libraries and libraries of institutions
common Integrated Library System (Aleph)
geographically, financially and organizationally separated - difficulties in cooperation
the professional work is supervised by University Library, as a central library
Goals of Creating a
increasing the publicity of research results
recording and archiving the institutional scientific publications
representing the University's common knowledge assets
supporting the management processes (administration) and education
publishing PhD theses, e-books
organizing grey literature, non-public materials
recording projects, contracts, patents
storage for internet and intranet portals
Structure of

Search Engines
(OAI-PMH based harvesting)
DART-Europe: PhD thesis
DPR Celestial (The University of Illinois OAI-PMH Data Provider Registry): full content
eduOER project: collection of Videostore
the GEANT OER (Open Education Resources) team launched
a metadata aggregator service targeting a more efficient
share and dissemination of open access multimedia
tutorials in Europe
Europeana: museum collections through national aggregator (MaNDA - Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute)
OpenAIRE compatibility (OpenAIRE 2.0)
Registered in:
OpenDOAR (Directory of Open Access Repositories)
Ranking Web of Repositories
Eötvös Loránd University -


EU tender (TÁMOP-4.2.1-09/1/KMR-2009-0001"Cooperation, Opportunity, Knowledge Utilization, ELTE"Research and Technology Transfer Services development at ELTE)
procurement tender Monguz Ltd. (Qulto)
technical precondition: "cloud computing" from ELTE Informatics Directorate
common library support: reformed library network (ULS)
framework: flexible and open source DSpace
name: EDIT - acronym of the initials of the Hungarian name of the repository: ELTE Digitális Intézményi Tudástár (ELTE Digital Institutional Repository)
until 2013 spring - Monguz Ltd. developed JSP (Java Server Pages) user interface
after May 2013 - ELTE Library stuff takes over their work, keeping former, launching newer developments, XML based user interface
available at: http://edit.elte.hu
September 2013 launch XML interface - the university hierarchy like collection structure
2015 autumn - collections are organized into thematic categories
version change

EDIT became more transparent and useful

open source
wide range of file formats - image, audio, video and textual documents (pdf, pdf/a, djvu, html, ppt, word doc etc.)
discoverable indexed content
wide range of search and browse possibilities
multi-level access
multi-level rights management
built-in SWORD, RDF, Statistics, OAI module, and SOLR search platform

3 supervisors from University Library, 20 faculty administrators
specified roles, separated tasks - rights management by collections
different workflows – different roles
self-upload method with placement agreement (author can protect the document by using Creative Commons License)
Custom Tailored

URL based file upload
zip file upload
private folders
e-mail and social media sharing
different types of form templates (book, patent, theses, article etc.)
unique Handle identifier (Universal Resource Identifier)
interconnection between EDIT and electronic library catalogue (OPAC)
Qualified Dublin Core scheme
specialized SWORD data transfer from MTMT (Storage of Hungarian Scientific Works)
PDF/A format - long term preservation
DjVu complement to store OCR version of any text content
more powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with Google Search Console, and statistics with Google Analytics, Awstat
Gallerific: gallery manager (images with different orientation or size)
FlipDoc - Digital Flash Flip Book application for real book page-flipping display (images with the same orientation and size)
video or audio files are played in HTML5 in-built player, flash files with strobe media player
metadata export/import formats: XML, CSV, BibTeX, RIS, RDF (RDF/XML, Turtle, N-Triples)
RDFa Lite recommendations implemented for embedding rich metadata within Web documents
VuFind library resource portal as a common search surface for EDIT and OPAC
(Data access can be: Open Search, OAI, Solr)
Thank you for your attention!
Gabriella Virág

Csaba Cerva
Full transcript