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Harry Styles

No description


on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Harry Styles

My Role Model!
What is a good role model to me?
~A good role model to me is someone who cares about other people, nice, polite and very generous
My role model is Harry Styles!
My role model!
Why I admire him?
I admire Harry Styles because he is sweet and very funny and so nice. He is very caring about other people and very cute!
Red Nose day is another reason why he is a good role model. His band members and him made a music video to raise money to help children life's
Red Nose Day
Resource page
By maurizio778
Harry Styles
-Harry Styles was raised in Homes Chapel,England.

-Harry was in a band before he was is One direction called "White Eskimo"
-Harry was born on February 1 1994 at 12:06pm
One of the things Harry has done that I thought was amazing was when him and his band members donated a lot of money to the red nose day foundation because it was very generous
Harry has a lot of good qualities but my favorites are
-He is very funny and that's important to me because he makes me happy when I'm sad
-He is very caring about others and that's important to me because its good he doesn't only care about himself.
Youtube video by Comic Relief

Youtube video by OneDirectionVEVO

Harry Styles Inspired me to....
Harry has inspired me to try hard and follow my dreams, and if I fail keep trying.
Music by harry styles

By @bbcone
By maurizio778
Resource Page
By Tony Fabe
By Nadu_Rocking1D
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