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Police Officer

Career project

Gloria Hernandez

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Police Officer

Required Education or Training To be a police officer it depends on the major chosen. Sometimes it takes fewer than two years or more than four years to be a police officer. If able to get in the Police Academy after High School, you will become one in three or four months. Career Details(Salary) My Career: Police Officer My career is about being a police officer. A police officer catches criminals, collect evidence, sometimes testify in court, patrol areas, and give traffic tickets. They defend their own country and keep the environment safe. Introduction:
What is it? What does this person do? What are the benefits of becoming a police officer? 1) You get to help people
2) Save people's lives
3) Get people out of danger
4) Defend people
5) Capture criminals Degree required The degree required to become a police officer is a Bachelor of Science also known as a B.S. The field you would go into is Criminal Justice. A high school diploma is also needed, and you could get a college degree for law enforcement. By: Gloria Hernandez Colleges and Universities 1) Westwood College
2)University of Phoenix
3) Southwestern College
4) Palomar College There are different costs in salary in being a police officer. The salary of a brand new police officer without any experience is $35,000. The salary of a cop with many years on the job usually takes much more than $5,000. The salary in working in a large city will make more money than a police officer in a small area. The Work Setting The police officer's work place can be almost anywhere. It could be in the streets or in traffic patrolling, in prison guarding, in an airport checking people, or in the White House protecting the president. What are some disadvantages in becoming a police officer? 1) Putting yourself in risk
2) Getting shot
3) Getting killed
4) Getting harmed
5) Stressing from job
6) A chance of being paranoid that someone will come after you for putting them in jail Education or Training Required Physical Health
- Being in excellent health
- The level of physical health: parameters like sprint and distance-running lap times, and ability to perform weight-bearing exercises like press-ups and situps. Pass Applicable Examinations
(Education or Training Required) Academics Include Common Classroom Instructions - Civil Rights
- State and Local News
- Incident Reporting
- Crime Investigation
- Constitutional Law
- Criminal Psych - Physical tests of strength, vision, hearing, and agility
- Pass drug and lie detector tests - Patrol, risk assessments and subject apprehension
- Accident and emergency response
- First-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
- Firearm use
- Self-defense
-Traffic command - Pass written exams Supervised Experience in Facing Real-life Situations
(Education or Training Required) Perfect Candidate for the Police Academy Citizenship
- Require to be an American citizen
- There are minimum and maximum ages
- Need to be marked both physically and mentally
Background Check
- A poor criminal record and convicted dangerous crimes can't go in
- A reasonable amount of thinking and critical reasoning is important
Good character
- Important part of determining which people deserve to enter the police academy and which people not be a good fit Perfect Candidate Continuation Valid Drivers License
- High chance they need to drive a patrol car and is a major plus point in the characteristics of a good police
- Recommended that they pursue their driver's license before joining the police academy
Employed by State
- To try and get recruits who are more passionate about state service Pros and Cons, short-term and long-term outcomes. My good goals are to get some glasses for I can see more clearly. I will be more perceptible, listen, and work out to get suitably fit. I will raise my grades to B's and A's for the rest of my high school years, get a high school diploma, and graduate from high school.
The thing that may interfere is my laziness when I am tired. Extra Information Do not take Criminal Justice. Apply to a police force, if accepted they will send you to the police academy of their choice. You need to be twenty-one years old.
Here is a part on the job, a self defense video, and a music video. Links http://policeacademyrequirements.org/
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