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Copy of Workplace

No description

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Workplace

Technology Knowledge
and Skills
18. Job-Specific Technologies
19. Information Technology
20. Internet Use and Security
21. Telecommunications
Become familiar with the
21 Workplace Readiness
Skills employers seek.
To discover how to implement
the 21 Workplace Readiness Skills using real world scenarios.
Prepare students to take the Workplace Readiness Skills Certification test.
Personal Qualities & People Skills
Professional Knowledge and Skills
Technology Knowledge and Skills
Personal Qualities & People Skills
1.Positive Work Ethic 5. Diversity Awareness
2. Integrity 6. Conflict Resolution
3. Teamwork 7. Creativity &
4. Self-Representation Resourcefulness

Professional Knowledge and Skills
8. Speaking and Listening
9. Reading and Writing
10. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
11. Health and Safety
12. Organizations, Systems and Climates

13. Lifelong Learning
14. Job Acquisition and Advancement
15. Time, Task & Resource
16. Mathematics
Test Time
1. What accessory should you always wear to an interview?

A. Earrings/Tie Pin
B. Watch
C. Class Ring
D. Graduation Year Pin
2. The first impression a hiring manager gets of you can happen when:

A. When they call to set the interview appointment

B. During email correspondence prior to
the interview.

C. In the parking lot.

D. All of the above
3. When interacting in the workplace, you
should avoid:

A. Crossing your arms
B. Crossing your ankles
C. Crossing your legs
D. Crossing your eyes
4. In a work environment, it would be beneficial to know how to use the Microsoft Office Suite software programs for the following:

A. To create spreadsheets.

B. To create a slide show presentation.

C. To create math formulas in database reports.

D. All of the Above
5. When entering an interview, you should:

A. Take a seat immediately with ankles crossed (female) or feet planted (male), sitting straight up with hands in your lap.

B. Hand over your resume to the person interviewing you.

C. Wait until invited by the person interviewing you to be seated.

D. All of the Above
6. You have been assigned the responsibility to complete a project for your department by your supervisor. They would like the final project by the end of the week and by Wednesday; you determine that the project will not be complete by Friday. What should you do?

A. Turn in nothing and explain there was not enough time to complete the assignment.

B. Turn in what you have on Friday and explain why it is not complete.

C. Stay up pulling “all nighters” so that the project is complete by Friday.

D.Talk to your supervisor about the dilemma to get their input for a solution.
7. You work at a facility that requires all employees to “Clock-In” upon the start of a work shift. Your co-worker is running late and calls to ask you to clock them in. You know other co-workers have “Clocked-In” this person in the past and they have always shown up no more then 10 minutes after their scheduled shift. What should you do?

A. “Clock-In” the person and tell them that you will not do it again in the future.

B. Tell your supervisor immediately what your co-worker has requested you to do.

C. Politely refrain and explain why if they ask.

D. Tell your co-worker that you will do it but never actually do it.
8. You have performed your daily job responsibilities and have additional time left before your scheduled shift ends. Your supervisor doesn't have any additional tasks they want you to preform before your shift ends. What should you do with the additional time?

A. Get on the internet to play a few games and unwind from the day.

B. Review industry specific information via news, magazines and professional journals.

C. Use your cell phone to check your social media sites and respond to text messages.

D. None of the Above
9. When is it more appropriate to make a phone call rather then sending an email in a work environment?

A. After an email has been sent previously, as a follow-up to the email.

B. If you need an immediate response.

C. If the person has stated that it is easier to reach them on the phone.

D. All of the Above
10. You work as part of a team. Your team has been tasked to hold an event for clients. Each member of the team has been assigned specific tasks to complete from your manager. However one of the new team members is not completing their assigned tasks and those tasks are affecting your ability to finish your assigned tasks. What is the first step you should take?

A. Talk to the team member directly to determine what is causing the delay.

B. Do their assigned tasks as well as your own to make sure the event happens smoothly.

C. Report the uncompleted assignments to your manager.

D. None of the Above
Are You Work Ready?

ECPI University: An Exciting Way to Learn
Founded in 1966 – Pioneering Education during a Time of Discovery

Time of Great Discovery
Color televisions become popular
First disposable diapers
USA Gemini VIII docks with an orbiting satellite
First Computer Systems
– Consumer Electronics Emerge
Sony introduces the first commercial CD player
First use of jet packs in space
First Apple Macintosh goes on sale
First-ever MTV Video Music Awards
ECPI Start's To Expand
ECPI begins expanding, moving beyond the borders of Virginia Beach and opening campuses throughout Virginia, and later, North and South Carolina.
– The Information Era Begins
The Web takes off!
Google is founded
Apple introduces the iMac
ECPI Earns Regional Accreditation
Technology Is fully-integrated

One billionth song purchased on iTunes
Nintendo releases the Wii
Google purchases YouTube
Medical technology explodes
1973 –
ECPI Responds to Market Demand
The invention of the barcode
ECPI offers a program in computer electronics technology as more companies begin integrating computers into daily operations.
– The Dawn of a New World
Human Genome Project
ECPI University adds
new degree programs
Electronic Engineering
Networking Administration
Criminal Justice
ECPI University Opens School of Health Science
ECPI expands its programs to include an array of healthcare career options, including Dental Assisting, Massage Therapy, Surgical Technology, Medical Radiography, and Nursing programs.
What sets ECPI University Apart?
The Right Approach – Learn by Doing
The Right Approach – Accelerated Scheduling
The Right Facilities
The Right Outcomes
Since 1966, Nearly 4,000 Employers Have Hired Our Graduates, Including:
Sentara Healthcare
Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc.
Raytheon Technical Services
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Huntington Ingalls Industries
InnovaSystems International, LLC
Cox Communications
Bauer Compressors
US Air Force
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Coast Guard
Dominion Enterprises
Volvo Penta
Texas InstrumentsRolls-Royce

ECPI University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate, baccalaureate, and master degrees and diploma programs.

Good work Etiquette
Getting ready for the Interview
Lookheed Martin
General Dynamics
And Many More!
ESI Electronic Systems Inc.
Federal Aviation Administration
Liberty Tax Services
Navy Cyber Defense Operations Ctr
Perdue Farms Inc.
present day

Computer Science
Network Security
Simulation & Game Programming
Web Development
Database Programming
Cloud Computing
Software Development
Information Systems
Electronics Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Medical Imaging Technology
Wireless Systems
Biomedical Technology
Marine Technology
Business / Criminal Justice
Business Administration
Criminal Justice
Food Service Management
Homeland Security
IT Management

Practical Nursing
Registered Nursing
Physical Therapy Assistant
Medical Radiography
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Medical Assisting
Surgical Technology
Dental Assisting
Massage Therapy
Medical Administration
Healthcare Administration
Health Information Management
Culinary Arts
Food Service Management
Baking and Pastry Arts
The Right Programs
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