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All About Me

No description

Junior K.

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me
By : Junior
Table of Contents
1.Newspaper Birth Announcement
2. My Poem
3.What's In My Name?
4.My life Map
5.10 of My Favorites
6.A Personal Contract
7.Multiple Intelligence
8.A Better World By Me
9.Appreciating Others
10.My Logo Design
11.Job Application

The Last One Is Born!
On Tuesday, April 24th of 2001 at exactly 9:00pm,The Kadima family has a new member. Born in Mangembo hospital in the city of Kinshasa of the republic of Congo in central Africa, With the height of 45 cm and the weight of 3.50kg. Junior Nico Kadima Wa Kadima is the child of Rachel and Nicholas Kadima. And with him his big brother Henry and big sisters Christel and Becky.Everyone is excited to see a new sibling for the first time in two years!
What's In My Name:
My name is Junior Nicholas Kadima wa Kadima.I was given the name by my father as to be the second and smaller version of him since my dad's name is Nico Senior.The names "Kadima wa Kadima means "Kadima son of Kadima".For that I would never change it because it makes me feel special.
My Life Map:
When I was born, it was at night and it was raining. My mom went to work because it was not a high risk and I was due for May.
Before I started grade 1, I had my first best friend and our parents already knew each other.
Through grade 1, I was a guard for my schools soccer team. I was pretty good for my first time playing in that position.
By the middle of grade 3, I moved to Montreal where I got even more better at french.
In grade four, I had my first male teacher, I was one of the best students and it is the first time I heard about basketball.
In September, I played competitive basketball in Gold Medal for the first time. It was very
When I moved to London, in grade five I was the tallest person in my class and we used computers for the year to help us with typing.

For grade six we were allowed to join some of the school's extra activities but sadly there was a teacher strike so all of it was canceled.
In the summer of 2013 I was selected to play and learn at a basketball camp for all of Ontario.
For music we are going to use instruments and the grades sevens and eights go to a field trip at the end of the year for it.
Ten Of My Favorites:
1.Favorite sport: Basketball,soccer,volleyball,running
2.Favorite subject: Math,French,language
3.Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight Rises,Transformers,Beutiful minds
4.Favorite Food:FRIED CHICKEN, Pizza,Burgers,Fries
5.Favorite hobby: Playing outside,Playing Video Games,Playing sports
6.Favorite car: Ferrari 12 berlinetta,Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari V8
7.Favorite Book: The Hobbit,Raven's Gate, Oblivion
8.Favorite Basketball Player: Kevin Durant,Serge Ibaka,LeBron James
9.Favorite Singer: Drake,Eminem,Rhianna
10.Favorite Number: 9,24,23
A Personal Contract:
Dear parents and teachers
I, Junior Kadima on October 30Th am pleased to tell you that I will always succed in life. I know I have failed and disapointed myself but if I use great courage, work and effort ,I could make this contract a reality. I would succed by working at school with effort and do my best in all of my sports..I hope that you could agree to these facts so that you can encourage me in this matter.

Here are the signature of my witnesses:

Multiple Intelligence:
I am a logical and visuel learner.The reason why I study in a mathematical way is because I usually use information from either my background or from the information that is given. I know that on a daily baisis I do not use this technic because I use my visuel learning skilling.
Half of the time I need to see what I need to do for me to try to intimidate that kind of work .It helps to know my mistakes so that I can do better the next time and it helps me know what I did well for me to strengthen and use it again.Therefore I am a logical and visuel learner because I use information to help answerand to see someone else do the work for me to learn my mistakes and advantages
A Better World By Me:
I think the world would be a better place if we took care of the criminal and the corrupt.I know that criminals are made through terrible history that has been pushing them throughout their lives.When they reach to the point when they get out of control, they can hurt people for no reason. That is why we have a system but it has not proven well.So if we could try harder to help and better understand criminals, not only can we bring them all to prison but the world would be a safer place to live in.
Appreciating Others:
Mom- Adequate,confide in, unequivocal
Dad-pleasurable, beneficial,staggering
Mr.McInnis-Erudite,frolic,duty bound
Mr.King- astonishing,agile,pre-eminent
My Logo:
Job Application:
December 25,2021
Mark B. Laroche,CEO
Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier
International Airport
1000 Airport Parkway Private
Dear Mr.LaRoche:
I have graduated from Carleton university in November With a Masters degree on engineering science and I am interested in a job at the Ottawa Internatiional Airport.

I have worked at the London Heathdrow airport on the wing systems for the past four months. While there I helped repair and develop new engines that will better make air rotations easier. At Carleton I worked in the aero space engineering program. We have learned much about aero dinamics. I have taken additional courses to help suite my qualifications. Such as the navigation and electronical system.

I would love the opportunity to work at the international Airport for my skills give me an oppurtunity. I look forward to talking to you soon.
Junior Nico Kadima Wa Kadima
And That's All
AbduUUUl.. AZZIZ.,, bUUUUwadi
I chose this logo because it stands for freedom and liberty.
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