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Prezi + iPad = 2

No description

Ben Robinson

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Prezi + iPad = 2

The True Story
of Prezi, A Boy, iPad and his

This made Owen
enjoy school again. Then one day his teacher
got a bunch of iPads. They were fun too, but Owen kept thinking
there must be something even better. But Owen dreamed of a
different way to use Prezi. That's when Owen told his
teacher about the Prezi App. Owen's teacher started thinking.
Prezi + iPad = He shared his
ideas with Owen. Although he liked school,
he found it, at times, boring. What if I got to
control the Prezi.
Not too fast... Not too slow...
Just right. Prezi's
COOL! Then his teacher
discovered Prezi! He went to school and
got good grades. ipads I think he's
got it! With Prezi
and the iPads
we will... ...create our own Prezis. ...share them with friends. ...show what we've learned. ...study what we've been taught. ...review what we don't understand. ...watch other related Prezis. ...explore Prezi from anywhere. And Owen got his wish. He now has control of the Prezi! Once upon a time there
was a boy named Owen. Prezi + iPad = The Future wap.free-clipart-pictures.net taylorsvillecali.com dailyclipart.net dailyclipart.net freeclipartisland.com coursesmart.info woodlandschools.org school.discoveryeducation school.discoveryeducation.com openclipart.org schooltechnology.org saintandrews.net billingsgazette.com tampabay.com blog.al.com cit.duke.edu
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