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Ecology Presenntation

No description

Ranjit Sandhu

on 8 July 2011

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Transcript of Ecology Presenntation

The Effects Of The Mountain Pine Beetle The mountain pine beetle has been devastating our forests for years. This epidemic has caused great concern to the governement of the forests that have been affected. The governements have engaged in prevention tactics to attempt to slow down the epidemic but in turn may be harming ourselves with these tactics. What are we doing to control this epidemic you ask?
Well there are 6 solutions that governments have come to the conclusion of that will be the most effective. The fist prevention type is clearcutting. This essentially is cutting down an entire forest to prevent the spred of the beetle as it feeds on trees. This solution does have its cons when doing so. Clearcutting leads to a global warming effect. When trees are cut down they release carbon which create holes in our atmosphere allowing gases and rays in which are heating up the surface of the earth. The next 2 solutions are controlled burning and fall and burn. By burning down a tree or a forest it prevents the beetles from moving from tree to tree. This solution is only given when all other types of prevention tactics have been exhausted. Trees prevent the rays from touching the earth's surface and without them the rays hit the surface directly causing a global warming effect. The other 3 types of prevention tactics are as followed:
Snip & Skid- Removing groups of infested trees scattered over a large area
Sanitation Harvesting- Removing single infested trees to prevent spread of population
Pheromone Baiting- Luring beetles to trees that have been baited with synthetic hormone which mimics the female pheromone. Beetles contained to one area are more easier to prevent. Here is a picture of what the pine beetles
are capable of doing. Is this epidemic going
to continue? Is the solutions stated working?
Only time will tell... Here is another picture of blu stain fungus
which the beetles produce to prevent the
trees from attacking the beetles. This fungus
clogs the trees sapwood which prevents the
pitch flow from killing off the beetles. The
fungus is also where the beetles lay eggs.
Notice how it is beside the bark of the tree.
This is so because it takes an entire winter
for the eggs to hatch. This keeps them warm
and protected. Nature can also have diverse effects on the pine beetle.
The pine beetle thrives in warm weather conditions but
during winter time they have a harder time surviving the
cold. The beetles population can be in check with a few
very cold winters. This will allow mankind to control the
population of the beetles. The pine beetle is an epidemic that needs to be
controlled. The governments nationwide are
always attempting new tactics to prevent the
beetle from attacking new forests. All this being
said we do need some assistance from mother
nature itself if we even have a standing chance at
controlling this issue.
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